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Review: Digital Reference DRV200, Live Vocal Microphone


This mic has an impressive sound for its price tag

Item: Digital Reference DRV200, Live Vocal Microphone

Price: $59 (US), £NA (UK)

Mic Rating: micrating_4.5

At A Glance: The Digital Reference DRV200 is a low-cost live vocal microphone intended for lead singers who want to cut through the mix. It features a tight super-cardioid pattern to minimise feedback on stage and a shock-mounted capsule to minimise handling noise. It connects using a standard XLR socket and comes packaged with a stand clip and carry case to protect it between gigs.

High Notes: Despite the low cost of the microphone, it has a tough all-metal body that feels fairly substantial to hold whilst remaining comfortable and well balanced. When compared to their (even cheaper) DRV100 mic, it has a much brighter and forward sound that will help lead singers to be clearly heard on stage. This forward sound also means that the mic generally won’t require much (if any) added EQ, which makes the setup quick and easy. It also does a good job dealing with plosives and handing noise – which is often an issue with budget mics.

Off Pitch: Currently the DRV200 is only available in the USA; meaning that it is probably not a cost-effective option for buyers living in places like Europe once you take into account shipping and import costs. Also, as impressive as the microphone is for the price, there are plenty of nicer sounding microphones for people with larger budgets.

Audio Demo:

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: When testing the DRV200 I was surprised by the quality of the sound I got from the mic. Although I wouldn’t pick it over my top-of-the-range Beyerdynamic mic (that costs considerably more); it is really an unfair comparison and I would still happily bring it to gigs as a backup mic without any concerns if I had to use it on stage. For singers starting out who have small budgets, the DRV200 is a great option as a first mic that provides a much better sound than you would expect for its price tag.

NOTE: Guitar Center have a fantastic deal on at the moment whereby you buy one DRV200 and get TWO more DRV200’s for free!

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.digital-reference.com

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  • Larry Hinze

    The DRV200 does not sound that good…distorts out more than most. D5 blows it away.