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Review: Drumagog 5

Item: Drumagog 5

Type: Drum plug-in

Price: US $149.00 – $379.00 (Depending on version); UK ≈ £95.00 – £240.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance:If you’re a vocalist struggling to get your drum recordings to sound as good as the latest chart hits, then Drumagog may have the solution. Now in its 5th instalment, Drumagog allows you to replace individual parts of a live drum take that you’ve recorded in your own studio with one from a sample library. So, if you’re in a band and recording and producing your own music at home, it could be a very effective tool.

High Notes:Drumagog’s redesigned interface is clearly laid out, intuitive to use and is compatible with most sequencers that support plug-ins. Its own library of sounds are of good quality however you can also import your own favoured samples into the library. It can vastly improve the sound of poorly recorded drums, in particular with bass and snare drums. New in version 5, the format allows for additional room samples; this gives you more control over the sound of your drums (Pro and Platinum versions only). The platinum version also includes many extra new features including an ability to use sounds from external drum programs such as BFD or Superior Drummer, improved hi-hat tracking, and built-in convolution reverb with samples.

Off Pitch:As good as the drum tracking is, if there is too much spill from other drums on your tracks, Drumagog may struggle to accurately separate one particular drum. So, to get the best results you need to close mic each drum individually. Although the CPU load is slightly improved from previous versions, you will need quite a powerful machine if you want to replace multiple drum sounds in your mix.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If you can’t get your bands drum recordings to sound as good as commercial tracks, Drumagog will certainly help you get you on your way. It is also worth noting that Drumagog will essentially track anything percussive, so it can also be used in more creative and original ways. For example, it is quite possible to construct a drum track by recording yourself tapping each part on a desk and using Drumagog to turn this into great sounding drum parts. This could be very useful for singers wanting to create their own unique drum tracks at home and do not have a midi controller or a drummer to use.


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  • Drumagog – can’t live with out it…not only does it help the singer fashion his/her drum mixes but I use it a lot to reinforce drum kit elements…ie, kick snare…or to replace bad hits in a performance. A must have in your tech arsenal!!!