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Review: Drumagog

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Type: Drum Replacer Plug-in

Item: Drumagog

US $249.00 – $397.50
UK £189.00 – £269.00

You can download a demo version and test drive Drumagog free for fourteen days.

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At a Glance: Why on earth would singers want to read a review on a drum plug-in? Well, as a vocalist, you may be writing your own material. Many songs start by laying down a groove, so we checked out Drumagog to see how it stacks up. Drumagog is a plug-in which can automatically replace acoustic drum tracks with your choice of drum samples. It claims have the feel of having a living, breathing drummer in the studio.

High Notes: Drumagog comes with an impressive sound library of drum samples which are unprocessed, so you’re free to process them with the reverbs and plug-ins of your choice.

Off Pitch: Some users reported minor bleed-through from drum sources into the overheads but they can be dealt with easily by using the sample-ducking capability.

A Producer/Engineer Says: “Drumagog rules! At last, a drum replacement program that has the same feel as the drummer intended. The new visual triggering is a piece of cake to use and the included samples sound great”. Chuck Ainlay

More: WaveMachine Labs released Drumagog 5 in April 2010.

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  • Drumagog is a Gog Send – haha! Yes, I use this A LOT! Not only am I a singer, but an audio engineer and producer. I think I've used this on nearly every production since having the tool at my disposal. It works beautifully. Like many engineers, I have a stock set of my favorite drum hits for replacement. Drumming is a tough art and even the most educated players may miss a hit once in a while or perhaps they played a great part but slopped up a flam or botched a kick somewhere in the track.

    It's so easy to set the parameters on this piece of software. If you're looking for a quick fix, it actually will analyze a hit that you specify and then look through the track for similar sizes and sounds and replace all of the hits with the one you specify. Now, when using electronics, it's easy to get carried away and go replacement happy. Although the mix may sound punchier with this approach, you’ll run the risk of a sterile recording. Try using the drummer’s own kit to doctor up his flubs with 

    Even though I have my favorite sounds, for reinforcement, I always grab samples of the actual player's kit for the replacement portion…this keeps things very organic and “real.” So yeah, you can construct your own beats, rhythms, replace less than desirable sounds or reinforce things like kicks and snares for an even more impactful performance.

    I drift between the following software interfaces: Sony Acid (great for fast loop based drum arrangements), Cakewalk Sonar Producer Ed. (my personal fave production interface), Pro Tools LE (still an industry standard). Sonar boasts some nice drum programs as well like Session Drummer. You may also want to check out BFD. Each of these boasts robust and upgradable kits to your liking. Don't be afraid to twist those knobs or slide those faders – settle for stock sounds and you'll have a stock sounding production…use these tools creatively and you'll develop an engineering style that is as unique as you are!!!