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Review: Electro-Voice Cobalt 9, Live Dynamic Microphone


Can this low-cost mic stand up to the competition?

Item: Electro-Voice Cobalt 9, Live Dynamic Microphone

Price: $69.99(US), £49.99 (UK)

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Electro-Voice Cobalt 9 is an inexpensive handheld dynamic microphone, designed for live vocal use. It features a cardioid pickup pattern and a rare-earth Neodymium magnet that gives the mic a strong output level. The mic’s frequency response (50Hz-18kHz +/-3dB) has been tailored for live vocals and features a bass roll-off that starts subtly around 200Hz, then falls more steeply below 100Hz, to ensure vocals remain clear – not muddy. The Cobalt 9 comes with a mic stand clip and a small bag to protect it during transport.

High Notes: Its die-cast Zinc body is highly durable and its cardioid pickup pattern is effective at minimizing pickup from unwanted sounds coming from in front of the mic (such as from your monitor speaker). The microphone is a comfortable weight if you like to perform without a mic stand and handling noise is minimal. When used for live vocals it has a clear and slightly forward sound that will help singers cut through a mix without sounding over-hyped and works well on both male and female voices.

Off Pitch: At this price, there is little to fault with the Cobalt 9, however the microphone is not as widely available in shops in Europe as the USA and there are better performing microphones on the market if you have a larger budget.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Despite its low cost, the Cobalt 9 compares favorably to more expensive offerings from other manufacturers such as the Shure SM58 and Sennheiser e835 – in fact, some users claim their live vocal sound has improved after switching from their SM58 to a Cobalt 9. With this in mind, it would be hard not to recommend it to singers on limited budgets wanting to get their first stage mic. As with all microphones, what suits one voice may not suit another, however, the Cobalt 9’s fairly neutral tone should make it produce reasonable results on most singers.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.electrovoice.com
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