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Review: Electro-Voice N/D967 High Gain Live Vocal Mic

Need a mic to press your lips against – and keep out the cymbals?

Item: Electro-Voice N/D967 Supercardioid Concert Vocal Microphone

Price: US $149, UK ÂŁ125

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The N/D967 is a vocal microphone from Electro-Voice that has been specifically designed for singers needing maximum gain before feedback on stage. It has a frequency response that is tailored for vocals and also features a presence boost switch to help cut through the mix and reduce the proximity effect of the microphone. Its internal shock-mount minimises handling noise and a washable front grille is designed to be easy to remove and clean.

High Notes: In order to maximise gain before feedback, the N/D967 has been optimised for singers who like to sing with their lips touching the grille of a microphone and it features a very tight supercardioid pickup pattern to reduce pickup of other sounds. It also has a narrower frequency range than some other vocal microphones – it only goes up to 13 kHz in order to reduce spill from cymbals on stage. The microphone uses a two-stage pop filter that is very effective at reducing plosive sounds. It comes with a carry pouch and stand clip.

Off Pitch: The N/D967 has a very tight pickup pattern, so it may take a little time adjusting to using the mic if you are used to moving around a fair bit when singing. This mic is not available with an on/off switch, which some users may require.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If you are performing in a loud rock band, constantly fighting feedback, then the N/D967 could be the perfect mic for you. On the other hand, other microphones may arguably sound a little better if you are performing quieter gigs and gain before feedback is not a major concern. Overall, it is a well-designed mic that performs well on live vocals stage with a clear and defined sound that should suit most voices. For alternatives you might also want to look at the Audix OM7.

Manufacturers’ Website: http://www.electrovoice.com

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