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Review: Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray

Is this treatment for your dry throat a cure, a diversion or placebo?

Item: Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray
Price: US $11.99, UK £8.76

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At A Glance: Entertainers Secret Throat Relief Spray is designed for singers to supplement the throat’s natural moisturizers when they are suffering from a dry or scratchy throat. It claims to act quickly to comfort and soothe your throat, enabling you to restore your singing voice back to your usual standard.

High Notes: It is very simple to use – simply spray in the back of the throat while saying “ah” and it will start to take effect. Entertainers Secret does not contain alcohol or anaesthetics – both of which can mask pain and contribute to further vocal damage. Also, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to keep in your gig bag.

Off Pitch: Reports by users are ambiguous: some say that it works for them, others report no benefits. Users are also divided on whether or not they like the taste (“honey-apple flavour”). However, these reports ignore a much more important issue about vocal hydration (see below). Repeated uses may be required if you are performing a lengthy set, which could be quite awkward since you’ll be on stage. Also, singers should be very careful when performing with an injured voice and not expect an innovative spray to fix all their problems and protect them from causing damage to their voice.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: We must not assume that any pill, spray, lozenge or other complex treatment for a dry voice is more effective than simply staying well hydrated with a substance which is absolutely free: water. Nothing that you put into your throat will actually touch your larynx (the part of your voice doing most of the work). The one exception to this is steam (also free!). The best strategy to deal with a dry throat is to drink water regularly throughout the day and throughout your performance. Water is abosrbed by your body and ‘fed’ internally to your larynx. If you do this, you’ll also save money. See VoiceCouncil on this subject:

Steam Glorious Steam

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.entertainers-secret.com

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  • Deborah Aue

    Its not always easy to drink while performing in a stage production. And when you drink a lot you need to use the restroom which is also difficult during a musical production. I use Entertainers Secret to help keep my throat moist when water is not an option. Of course water is always needed to maintain good vocal health but when water is not available this product works and it only take a second to spray and you can be back on stage.