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Review: Fender Passport 300 Pro

It’s versatile. It’s simple. But is it loud enough? -asks Chris Kennedy

Category: PA System

Item: Fender Passport 300 Pro

Price: US $699, UK £592

At a Glance: The Fender Passport series is a range of portable PA systems that are targeted at musicians performing in small clubs or for rehearsals. The 300 Pro, is in the middle of the range, and packs 300 watts of power into a small, lightweight package, that is easy to transport and quick to setup.

High Notes: The Passport 300 features a six channel mixer with four XLR/line inputs for connecting mics or guitars and two stereo inputs for connecting keyboards or for use with backing tracks. Its two speakers consist of an 8” woofer and 1.2” horn loaded tweeter in moulded plastic cases which can be clipped together with the mixer to make a single unit for easy transportation. Vocalists will particularly appreciate the inclusion of reverb on the mixer which, although sound-wise it is not much competition for a dedicated reverb unit, is adequate for live use and makes setting up extremely simple.

Off Pitch: The overall sound from the speakers is a little lacking in low bass – however there is a sub output on the mixer, which can be connected to an active sub to remedy this if you want to use bass instruments with the PA. Although the system is loud enough for acoustic acts in small venues, if you like your gigs loud you will probably want to look at a larger system. It is a shame that the system does not come included with speaker stands, as it is hard to use the system for a gig without them – these will need to be puchased seperately

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Overall the Passport 300 is very capable system that is loud enough for small gigs with the clarity to let your voice shine. If portability isn’t an issue, there are probably better sounding PAs available for around the same money, however this system still provides quite an impressive punch for its size. The Passport 300 finds itself it quite a crowded market place, however the unit’s versatility and simplicity of use makes it an attractive prospect for singers looking for an affordable portable PA system.

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  • Bartwin

    i have one and it is powerful enough to a small club… very convinient to transport… great sound too. i used my old powered subwooper and  creates more impressive punch…..

  • Chris

    thanks for your comment. i’m pleased that you also have a positive report of the system. definitely a good idea to combine it with a sub like you are doing if you want to get a good low end punch to the sound. how powerful a sub do you use with it?