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Review: Funky ‘n Fun

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Type: CD Vocal Training Program

Item: Kim Chandler’s “Funky ‘n Fun” vocal exercises

£37.95 UK
€45 Europe
$63 USA
$68 AUS
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At a Glance: Kim Chandler was among the first vocal coaches to seize upon the idea of vocal warm ups in contemporary rather than classical genres. Her exercises are both comprehensive and user-friendly. CD 1: Vocal Exercises is aimed at beginners while the latest addition to the range, CD 4: Challenging Riffs, is designed to challenge the seasoned pro vocalist.

High Notes: Users report high enjoyment/benefit from using these CDs. In addition to the more usual technique aspects (such as breathing, range and articulation), these exercises cover a wealth of musicianship areas—everything from rhythm to intervals and modal and chromatic harmonies.

Off Pitch: While VoiceCouncil is aware of a great many informal endorsements from satisfied customers, there are currently no independent reviews for this product. So, if you disagree (or agree!) with our rating, you know what to do…

A Vocal Coach Says: “I suggest you buy the CD’s from ‘Funky ‘N Fun’. They include breathing exercises, as well as lots of other vocal workouts; they, in my opinion, are the best CD’s on the market.” Gemma Denman

Funky ‘n Fun Website

About Kim Chandler

Kim’s Voice Cross Trainer App is available now. It’s based on her popular “Funky ‘n Fun” vocal training series.


  • David Combes

    If you work with 'pop' singers you will really appreciate Kim's dedicated approach to voice work. From warm ups to agility and range extension to ear training and musicianship these CDs are great.

  • Mitch

    Marginal. Most people in the business agree that its kinda cool to offer so many different scale modes, but the scales play WAY too fast. Far too fast for any beginning student to follow. Also, Kim sings on the practice tracks as well, which can be kind of annoying. Lastly, the production is cheapy sounding… sounds like a Casio toy piano.

    Its an honest effort that has some value, but it misses a lot of important points that make a vocal training system a hit and endearing to its customers.

    There are much better systems available. Whats the deal with Kim Chandler and Voice Council anyways? Seems they run way too much of her stuff. Cant this web site find any other voice teachers of significance to pull from? Im sick of reading about Kim Chandler.

  • Thanks for your honesty :-) But I'd like to clarify a couple of points…CD3 – the intervals, scales, modes one – is clearly stated to be for advanced singers and, as the inside cover outlines, my vocal cue is panned to the left so that it can be panned out when the pattern is learnt. The majority of the backing tracks also feature the work of one of the best commercial keyboard players in the business, having toured with artists such as Jamiroquai, Anastasia, Craig David, Atomic Kitten etc.

    Whilst a vocal exercise CD is not an album but a pedagogical tool, CD4 does feature live bass, keys and guitar to replicate the grooves of the tunes it covers and includes a separate CD of backing tracks without my vocal on it. I'm also in the process of writing the accompanying book to the CDs which will hopefully 'flesh out' this product more – watch this space!

  • David Combes

    Mitch, I think Kim's CDs are part of a small, but growing, set of tools for people who want something relevent for 'pop' singers – not the 'classical' exercises that kids don't feel are relevant – and I can't think of many better, certainly within that field…which is sort of what Voice Council appears to me to be all about.
    I see Kim has already answered your comments so I'll leave that to one side but I'm interested to know what points you think her CDs miss and which are the better systems that you refer to?

  • G_Alexander

    Maybe the reason VoiceCouncil likes Kim Chandler is that she is one of the world's top session singers with pedagogical sills to match. Hey VC, keep posting stuff by KC!

  • Ok, I just went to the the website and checked out a bunch of the audio clips. I felt I had to hear it before making any stabs. Gang, try and view this from the perspective of what the product is trying to accomplish. It's really quite good when compared to what I know of that is currently available. If the singer needs for it to be more of a “show” there's always Bobby Mcferrin videos :)

    I do agree that the music is a bit generic, but it doesn't sound bad at all, and I doubt that Kim was trying to write a hit album here as much as she was trying to open the novice and exprienced singer up to different practices in rhythm, style and vocal cavity. I don't think the tracks are too fast…heck some of them are downright sloooooow…there's a lot to hold on to in these sessions and a variety of styles to chose from if one in particular does not resonate with you.

    Kim, in reference to Mitch's comment about it sounding “toyish…” I think this is only because your player used general MIDI sounds. I think the product is fine the way it is…since you're only creating beds for the voice to ride on top of, you surely don't want to write backing tracks that overpower the vocal in anyway.

    However, if it becomes s a concern, there is a very simple remedy. You could always ask the keyboard player to give you the MIDI files that you (or he/she) could “modernize” by simply rotating the preset knob, for a more desireable sound…it has nothing to do with how good a player he is as much as it does the sounds he chose to backup and convey your message. On a personal note I think you did a fine job of including multiple genres under one roof…and the practices are quite good.

    Fun and Funky might not be the best name for the product. It's sounds more like “Fun and Contemporarily Jazzy” to me :) Regardless, having a solid beat & basic melody is far more refreshing than listening to someone just cackle about to piano scales.

    My vocal excercise CDs aren't half as fun as this. I plan to try practicing to some of Kim's freebie sessions on her website before deciding to purchase the product…I think it's a strong attempt at refreshing an old subject…how in the heck do we make vocal practice an enjoyable experience? Kim, you've gotten us closer than further :)

    Good job! All in all, it takes profound humillity to work this hard on helping other folks sing well, when you could have put all of this time and energy into your own music. I expect that I'll have quite the lovely time rawking to your sessions. Thank you for caring about the rest of us out here :)



  • Hello Kim,

    Perhaps you've touched on this in a past forum…if so, just point me in the right direction and I'll be on my way :)

    Recently, my current project has taken interest incorporating World Beat styles into the mix. I've had the pleasure of performing myriad “Western” genres but have yet to don multi-ethnic singing styles. We're deeply electronic and dance based, but strive to keep things “feeling” pretty organic.

    Given the nature of “Fun and Funky,” you're already leaning toward modern, electronic-oriented, and soulful production voices. Do you have anything in your R'epertoire to help connect the dots between East-West inflections in singing to help generate a global sounding vocal? Do you have any plans for something like this on the horizon? How kewl would that be?! It's a good time to be alive :)



  • Hello All,

    I felt this really needed to be revisited. I received Kim's CDs in the mail a few days ago and I want you to know that they offer fantastic vocal gymnastics for varied levels of expertice. There is a very natural flow in these practices and if you have a strong work ethic, I have no doubt that you will discover nearly immediate growth in your vocal capability. Forget anything negative you may have read about this product…the proof is in the lessons and I've already noticed considerable growth in less than a week!!! Thanks Kim~


    Brian Stevenson

  • Kim

    You're welcome Brian, and thanks for your very positive feedback! I'm glad the CDs arrived safe & sound and that you've noticed distinct improvement already – onwards and upwards ;-)

  • Leila

    Just seen this post and had to say I use Kim’s CD’s all the time (I’m a vocal coach with around 200 pupils) and have spent literally thousands of pounds on CD’s, constantly offering variety in warm-ups to my pupils and not one programme has ever been as useful as these.  Kim’s vocal on the CD is essential as a guide to less experienced pupils and the male octave below is really helpful when teaching a class with mixed genders.

    As Brian Stevenson says (above), Kim made this in an effort to offer singers a useful and ejoyable tool – Lord knows she’s busy enough and can earn a lot more from session singing than from the sale of these CD’s – so be a bit more gentle Mitch and judge a little less harshly.  And just out of interest, what contributions have you made to the vocal world Mitch?  They must be quite something for you to be so ready to judge!