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Review: GVST GSnap, Free VST Pitch-Correction Plug-in

Can this free pitch-correction plug-in compete with commercial alternatives?

Item: GVST GSnap, Free VST pitch-correction plug-in

Price: Free

Mic Rating: 3/5

At A Glance: GSnap is an Auto-Tune style plug-in that won’t cost you a penny. It has a range of settings to enable you to go from subtle pitch correction to extreme tuning effects. As well as being able to specify the key and scale for the auto-correction mode, there is also a MIDI control mode to allow you to force any melody over any recorded vocal or instrumental part.

High Notes: GSnap is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit version, and compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux. It is also doesn’t require a lot of processing power to run. The interface is clear and easy to get started with if you’ve any other pitch correction plug-in before; however there is also an online manual if you need more help in understanding how to use it properly. Like many commercial products GSnap features controls to fine-tune the effect such as; threshold, correction amount, attach and release.

Off Pitch: When compared to fully commercial pitch correction software it doesn’t quite offer the same flexibility and sound quality. Because it lacks lack of note-for-note editing like you find in software like Waves’ Tune or Celemony’s Melodyne, it makes it difficult to achieve as natural sounding tuning as well as correcting the specific pitch of a note that is way off key.

Audio Demo:

  1. gsnap off
  2. gsnap regular tune
  3. gsnap hard tune 1
  4. gsnap hard tune 2

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: GSnap is a good plug-in considering it is free; however, it is possible to achieve much better results with commercial software. If it was intended to be used just to create a T-Pain or Cher style hard-tune effect, then with the help of the MIDI mode it works surprisingly well and competes favourably with commercial alternatives. On the other hand, if intended for use for an entire lead vocal track that you want the tuning to be discreet on, GSnap probably wouldn’t be my first choice (although on backing vocals you could probably get away with it ok). Ultimately, for a free plug-in, GSnap is great; however if you spend some money you will be able to achieve more professional results.

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