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Review: Harmony-G XT

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Type: Vocal Effects Unit

Item: Harmony-G XT

Price: US $249.00, UK £195.00 – £225.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: This is a vocal effects unit designed with guitar-playing singers in mind; the Harmony-G analyses your guitar chords and creates up to 2-part harmonies from your voice that can easily be turned on or off with its on-board foot-switch. TC-Helicon’s latest version of the Harmony-G sees an improvement in its effects, harmony tracking and even adds auto-chromatic pitch correction to the unit; but is it enough to set it apart from the competition?

High Notes: Compared with the original Harmony-G, the XT’s reverbs sound much richer and tracking for harmony generation is faster and more accurate. As with the original Harmony-G, the unit includes vocal doubling effects and an adaptive tone control which automatically adjusts EQ, compression and de-essing for your voice. TC-Helicon have also wisely added a USB interface to the XT to enable software updates as well as backing up your presets.

Off Pitch: There are no editable parameters for the onboard reverbs and effects, which some users may find a little limiting. The added pitch correction effect is not what you’d find on a dedicated autotune unit and is not easy to turn on and off during a performance in the same way the harmonies are.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The Harmony-G XT produces impressively accurate harmony parts that can create a dramatic effect on stage. The quality of vocal effects offered in the XT are also top notch, and well worth the price on their own. There are other very similar products on the market, in particular the Digitech Vocalist Live and the Boss VE-20. These offer some features and editing abilities not found on the Harmony-G XT, however to my ears the XT’s harmonies seem a little more natural sounding and the reverbs richer. With all these units, the harmony effect is usually best used subtly and will not quite live up to the standard of a real choir singing behind you, however if you want to add a bit of interest to your live performances and have a well processed vocal sound as well, the Harmony-G XT is definitely worth checking out.

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  • Daniel Cowan

    I play acoustic guitar when singing as well and am looking for a pedal to help keep those harmonics out of the mic. Am I using the wrong type of mic or is this pedal something that can keep those pitches out. You can see the gear I use at our website