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Review: Heil PR22, Live Vocal Dynamic Microphone


Can this microphone take on the venerable SM58 and win?

Item: Heil PR22 UT, Live Vocal Dynamic Microphone

Mic Rating: micrating_4.5

Price: $117 US, £92 UK

At A Glance: The HEIL PR 22 microphone is a dynamic cardioid microphone that features Heil’s “patent pending ISO BAND™ isolation mounting” that claims to offer improved articulation throughout the frequency range with very low handling noise. It has very good rear noise rejection – meaning you’ll get more sound out of the PR 22 before feedback occurs. The microphone is ruggedly built to withstand years of use and comes with a carry case, foam windshield and stand clip.

High Notes: The PR22 is designed with an increased presence in the upper mid-range allowing the singer’s voice to be heard clearly in the mix.  When compared to an “industry-standard” SM58, the PR22 generally requires less additional EQ (although a low cut is advisable to reduce popping). Apart from the presence peak, the microphone has a largely neutral frequency response, making it a good choice if you need a microphone to work with a wide range of different singers.

Off Pitch: Although the brightness of the microphone helps it to cut through a mix, some singers (especially low male singers) may find this equates to a slight lacking in the lower vocal frequency range when compared to some other microphones.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Although the PR 22 is primarily designed for vocals, it is also particular good as a snare microphone and also works well with hand percussion. Its excellent rear sound rejection helps it keep your vocals loud and clear as well as making feedback rejection that is comparable to many class-leaders. The mic weighs 14oz, making it comfortable to hold and, as well as being available in black, the PR22 is also available in a range of colours including white, and pink.

Manufacturer’s Website:  http://www.heilsound.com

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