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Review: Heil PR35, Live Dynamic Microphone

Can Heil’s flagship dynamic vocal mic compete with mics from more well-known brands?

Item: Heil PR35

Price: $275 (US), £249 (UK)

Mic Rating: 4/5

At A Glance: Heil’s PR35 is a handheld cardiod dynamic vocal microphone that uses a large 1.5″ element to produces a wider frequency response than many live dynamic mics as well as providing natural vocal articulation and good sound rejection from the sides and rear. It is designed as a vocal mic to work well for commercial broadcast, recording, and live sound reinforcement applications. It is supplied with a microphone clip that mounts to any 5/8″ 27-thread mic stand – it also comes with a leatherette carrying case and wind screen.

High Notes: The PR35’s wide frequency response (40 Hz – 18 kHz) offers a condenser-like sound quality without the need for phantom power. It produces a very rich vocal sound that works partially well on making softer vocals sound larger than life. As well as being available in handheld form, it is also available as a wireless capsule that works with wireless systems from Shure and Line6. The body of the microphone has a rubbery finish, making it easy to hold on stage as well as helping to reduce handling noise. There is also a recessed three-position switchable low-cut filter with 3dB or 6dB roll-off to help with any other unwanted rumbles.

Off Pitch: The PR35 has slightly differently tailored frequency response than some other common live vocal mics, such as Shure’s Beta 58; meaning that it can require a little more EQ processing to get the best sound out of it in some live situations for some singers. Also, the microphone is fairly fussy about mic technique and it can be a little prone to plosives if you are a singer who likes to get very close to the microphone grille.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The PR35 has a solid and well-articulated sound that makes vocals sound rich and full. It offers a reasonable resistance to feedback, however it is probably not the best choice for loud rock band where vocal level is more important to vocal tone. Overall the Heil PR35 is an impressive mic that competes well in terms of sound quality against offerings from more established brands such as Shure and Sennheiser; that said, it is not necessarily the perfect mic for all settings and can require a little extra work to get the best sound from it.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.heilsound.com/pro/

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  • Kirk Leavesley

    I’ve used a lot of different Dynamic and Condenser mics and found this is one of the best mics I’ve ever used. I’ve used this for everything from Pop-Jazz-Blues-Rock and it sounds fantastic. I would dispute the reviewer, as it requires very little EQ and if you have any vocal technique at all, you can get the best of what this mic offers. I would, however, recommend a windscreen as it can be subject to plosives.

  • Randman

    I have a PR-35 and mix them on the lead vocalists at VCF Anaheim. The do offer more opportunity for sweet tone by capturing a wider tonal palette. Some vocalists do have plosive problems. However, when I’m mixing I will always use them on the lead vocalists on a large stage. On a small stage you will have a problem keeping the cymbals and other stuff out of the vocalists mic.

  • I have the older model PR-35 (before they punched a big hole in the case behind the capsule) and I love this mic! It is much less prone to accidental plosive booms and has a fantastic sound without additional EQ. This isn’t a thin sounding mic, like the SM58, but one that will allow your voice to have some real body. It also carries a lot of punch into the line, allowing much lower gain settings at the board than your usual mics. This is always the first mic that comes out of the case for me, and the one that gets used in the final mix more than 90% of the time.