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Review: HK-Audio Nano 300 PA System

Fed up of carrying a heavy PA system to gigs? HK-Audio may have the answer.

Item: HK Lucas Nano 300, Portable PA System

Price: US: $699, UK: £499

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Lucas Nano 300 from HK Audio is possibly one of the world’s smallest and lightest full-range PA systems. It is intended for singers and musicians performing in smaller venues or in a background setting at functions who need a system that is easy to transport, sounds great and has low visual impact on stage. It features an on-board mixer with inputs for mic, guitar, keyboards and backing tracks, and two systems can be used together as a stereo pair if you need more volume.

High Notes: The system is comprised of an active 8 inch subwoofer and two 3.5 inch satellite speakers that are powered by the integrated amplifier in the bass unit. Weighing just over 12KG, the Nano 300 is deceptively powerful and provides up to 116dB maximum SPL. You can use an external mixing desk with the system for increased versatility, however the mixing desk that is built into the bass speaker offers a mic input with a tone control that is optimised for vocals and also enough connections and level controls for most singers performing with a single instrument or with backing tracks. The sub features a carry handle and has a space that the satellites fit into when transporting. The entire system is very quick and easy to set up when you arrive to your venue.

Low Notes: The HK-Audio speaker stands, cables and carry case all need to be purchased separately. The on-board EQ might be a little basic for some users and you will need to bring a separate processor if you need reverb. The biggest problem for most singers is that lack of volume you are able to get out of the system with a microphone before clipping – it is enough for practicing and quiet background performances, however it would struggle to cut through at a gig in a noisy bar. This is particularly frustrating if you perform with backing tracks, as you can get more volume out of the CD/MP3 Player input (it actually goes impressively loud for its size) than you can out of the mic input before the clip indicator lights up.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The HK Lucas Nano 300 is a well designed system that works well for low-volume gigs and presentations. However, although very impressive for its size, for the same money you could buy a much louder (albeit larger) PA System. The system is perfect for singer guitarists/pianists performing more intimate gigs or as background music at restaurants or functions; however its 230watts of power is not quite enough for even small sized venues with noisy crowds. If the size of your PA system isn’t of much concern and you like your music loud, then the Nano 300 probably isn’t for you; however if portability and minimal visual impact on stage is critical, then the Nano 300 is definitely worth trying out.

Manufacturers’ Website: http://www.hkaudio.com

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  • Gtarmike

    The claims made by HK Audio regarding the Nano 300 are substantially exaggerated. I have found that the satellite speakers cannot handle mic input without distortion even at moderate levels and simply cannot keep up with the sub, which does put out pretty well. This system is only appropriate for the smallest venues and only at very laid-back levels. I have had to augment it with separate power and speakers and just turn the satellites back at me for monitors. I would not have purchased it had I known this and feel I was misled by the over-hyped marketing claims.

  • marc

    You can put two 500 nano systems together for 500watt output and it will easily push loud enough for a 100 people.