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Review: HK-Audio SoundHouse One PA

Does this full-range PA system cut costs without compromising sound quality?

Item: HK-Audio SoundHouse One PA System
Price: UK £600-750 US: NA
Mic Rating:

At A Glance: HK-Audio’s SoundHouse One is a full-range 600w PA system that is designed for performing in small to medium sized venues. Although it is essentially a more basic version of their LUCAS range of portable PA systems, it still offers great sound quality and costs around half the price.

High Notes: The system produces a top-notch sound with punchy bass and a slightly hyped high-end that helps the sound project at crowded gigs where high frequencies can tend to get soaked up by the audience. Vocals are clear and well defined and there is plenty of volume for most small to medium venues. It is a 3-piece system: a 15 inch subwoofer and two satellite cabs with an 8 inch driver and tweeter; and it has XLR line level inputs for connecting a mixing desk.

Off Pitch: The bass speaker cabinet is around twice the size of those found on the new LUCAS models and it is quite difficult to manoeuvre in and out of cars on your own – unless you are fairly strong. Also there is no mic input, only stereo line-in, unlike on the latest HK Audio LUCAS systems which offer both as well as additional balance controls. This means you will also need a mixing desk to get your vocals into the system.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The SoundHouse One produces great sound quality that is quite comparable to much higher priced systems; albeit with a reduced set of features. Although it is heavier and larger than other similar systems it will still fit in most average sized cars without the need to fold the rear seats down. If you are performing with just voice and acoustic guitar then the 15 inch bass speaker will probably be a little over the top; however if you are a singer performing to backing tracks the system will provide a great full-range sound that will certainly help impress the audience.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.hkaudio.com

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