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Review: ICIS Studio Mic

Item: SE Electronics ICIS, Studio Microphone

US $650.00 – $700.00
UK £250.00 – £460.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: The ICIS, by Chinese manufacturer SE Electronics, is a tube condenser microphone that is claimed to “capture the heart and warmth of a performance, whilst maintaining a truly detailed vocal take.” Closely related to their SE5600a microphone, the ICIS has a fixed cardioid capsule making it ideal for people who do not need the full range of polar patterns and want to save some money.

High Notes: The microphone seems well built and is supplied with its own hard case, power supply and shock mount. On vocals, the ICIS tends to produce a well-textured warm sound with a little more ‘bite’ than some classic tube microphones. It can also do a pretty decent job of recording other instruments such as acoustic guitar.

Off Pitch: Its lack of high-pass filter can often lead to too much bass in some singers; although this can easily be rectified on your mixing desk or pre-amp. Some users may also find the lack of polar patterns a little limiting, especially if this is the only microphone they own.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: SE Electronics’ ICIS produces the smooth sound of a classic tube microphone at a price that is sure to appeal to many people. It faces stiff competition from manufacturers such as M-Audio, Røde and MXL as well as their own 5600a microphone which, at around £50 more, has a very similar sound and a range of polar patterns making is a more versatile microphone.

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  • Mannshands

    At this price you can get better mics, from an established company with known reputation.