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Review: IK Multimedia T-RackS Mic Room, Mic Emulation Plug-in

Can this plug-in make your SM58 sound like a vintage U67?

Item: IK Multimedia T-RackS Mic Room, Mic Emulation Plug-in
Price: $99 (US), £80 (UK)
Mic Rating: 3/5

At A Glance: T-RackS Mic Room is a microphone emulation plug-in that aims to make your recordings sound like they are recorded with a different mic than originally used. It features a range of over 20 models of mics; including condensers (e.g. U87, C12), dynamics (e.g. SM58, MD421) and ribbons (e.g. R121, M160). Simply select the input mic, select the mic you want it to sound like, and listen to the difference. There are also additional controls for proximity (distance to the mic) and harmonics (tube emulation). The plug-in can work on both mono and stereo sources – you can also choose between left/right stereo or mid/side stereo.

High Notes: The plug-in has an easy to use interface and a range of presets to help you get started. As well as some of the more common microphone models, there is also a model of their own low-cost iRig Mic; meaning you could use this as your recording source mic and use the emulator to make it sound like a more expensive model. The proximity and harmonics controls work well in offering greater sonic flexibility and can make a noticeable different when trying to achieve a specific sound.

Off Pitch: While the sound of the various mic models do have a flavor of the originals they are based on, they are some way off sounding convincing. Also it is potentially a bit more limiting if you do not already own one of the modeled microphones to use as the source mic.

Audio Demo:

  1. MicRoom SM57 (Source Mic)
  2. MicRoom U87
  3. MicRoom C12
  4. MicRoom U67
  5. MicRoom MD421 Dynamic
  6. MicRoom R121 Ribbon
  7. MicRoom Telephone
  8. MicRoom Vintage

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Can a plug-in make an SM58 sound like a U67? Well, no – and realistically I think it would be impossible for any plug-in to be able to do this. That said, the plug-in is not without its uses and it can work well to change the tone of a recorded track when there is no option to re-record or EQ will not suffice. I particularly liked the telephone mic emulation, and could easily see it having useful creative applications. Also, the ribbon mic models are useful in smoothing out the sound of an overly bright condenser mic if you want to go for a different sound than what was originally recorded. It is also worth experimenting with selecting a different source mic than what you used, as on some occasions I found I got a more pleasing result. Overall, the T-RackS Mic Room does have its uses and it is not particularly expensive; however, if you are expecting miracles then you might be disappointed.

Manufacturer’s Website: IK Multimedia

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