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Review: K&M Drink Holder

Will this simple accessory really stop drinks from being a hazard on stage?

Item: K&M 160/2 Microphone Stand Drink Holder

Price: US $14.99, UK £11.99

Mic Scale:

At A Glance: The K&M 160/2 is a drink holder that is designed to attach to any stand (i.e. microphone, music or instrument) with a diameter up to 30 mm. It’s simple, quick to attach and can be used to hold bottles, cans and glasses securely.

High Notes: Using a drink holder can help stop your equipment being ruined by drinks being accidently knocked over on stage. It also means you’ll always have a drink close to hand when you need it; for example, if you start coughing half way though your vocal performance. The holder appears well engineered and clamps very tightly to a microphone stand, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about your drink falling down during your set. (Note: if you have a mic stand with an adjustable boom arm, it is usually best to attach the holder to the lower section of your stand.)

Off Pitch: The K&M 160/2 generally works best with microphone stands as some music stands are too narrow to properly attach the holder to. It would also be nice if the unit folded up to make it take up less space when transporting.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: As a singer, it is important to keep hydrated whilst performing, and this simple device helps to overcome some of the hazards of having drinks on stage. If you like to use narrow water bottles on stage it you will need to look at the K&M 16022 holder, however for holding medium sized water bottles, or even a pint of beer, the K&M 160/2 is hard to fault.

Various other similar devices on the market from other manufacturers, such as SwirlyGig and Gibralter, that are also worth checking out, especially if you want to use a larger bottle than the K&M stands can accommodate.

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