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Review: LD Systems Dave 8 XS, Compact Active PA System


Is this portable speaker system loud enough for gigs?

Item: LD Systems Dave 8 XS, Compact Active PA System

Price: £300 (UK), E366 (Europe), $NA (USA)

Mic Rating: 4.5/5

At A Glance:  The LD Systems DAVE 8XS is a portable PA/multimedia speaker system with a 8″ subwoofer (150 W RMS) and two satellite speakers (100 W each). Although it is primarily designed for multimedia applications; it can also be used as a PA system for smaller venues such as bars and cafés. It has a A/B amplifier built into the subwoofer that provides power for both the subwoofer and the satellites, and there is a built-in limiter keeps the system safe from overload. It has XLR or RCA inputs for connecting your mixing desk and, in addition to the master volume control, there is a separate control for the subwoofer level to allow you to find the correct balance between bass and treble frequencies in the room.

High Notes: The system is small enough to fit easily into the boot of most cars, yet despite its size, it is still capable of producing enough volume for most small venues. The sub offers a good amount of bass for singers performing with backing tracks, and the midrange speakers are clear and detailed. A full padded carry case is available for the system (£75) that helps to keep it safe when you are moving it from venue to venue. The overall build quality of the unit is good and is available from some shops with a 3-year warranty.

Off Pitch: Stands are not included and the speakers will not fit on standard PA speaker; however you can mount them on a couple of mic stands, or you can buy a stand set which includes two stands, speaker cables and stand carry case for an additional £50. It is also worth noting that the system also does not come with the two ‘Speakon’ cables that are required to connect the satellite speakers to the sub – so it is probably worth budgeting the extra £50 for the cable/stand bundle. As the system is intended to be used with a mixing desk, there is no separate mic input as on some other units.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says:  The LD Systems Dave 8 XS offers fantastic value for money for singers performing in smaller venues. It is easy to transport and quick to set up and its full-range sound is ideal if you sing to backing tracks. Although volume levels are impressive for its size, singers performing in medium to large venues (or outside) will probably need to look at getting a larger system than the Dave 8 XS. LD Systems also produce the Dave 8 Roadie PA system, which integrates a basic mixing desk into the subwoofer of XS speaker system for users not wanting to bring an external mixing desk to gigs.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.ld-systems.com

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