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Review: Lewitt DGT 650, USB Microphone & Interface

Are you looking for a USB microphone that offers something extra?

Item: Lewitt DGT 650, USB Microphone & Interface

Price: $579 (US), £359 (UK)

Mic Rating: 4.5/5

At A Glance: The DGT 650, from Vienna-based microphone manufacturer Lewitt, is a USB microphone that combines stereo recording with an interface for PC, Mac and iOS devices in one unit. The microphone uniquely features four recording mode: X-Y stereo mode for live stereo recording and field recording, cardioid mode for vocal recordings (and similar applications), a “Singer/Songwriter Mode” where the microphone and a line source (such as a vocals and guitar) are recorded on separate tracks, and a stereo line-in mode is for capturing a stereo line signal like a synthesizer or mixing console stereo output. In addition to this, Lewitt have also managed to pack a MIDI interface into the device – something that is often overlooked in many recording interfaces these days.

High Notes: When compared to other USB mics, the DGT 650 offers excellent sound quality and it can operate up to 24 bit/96 kHz with a 110 dB dynamic range. Its flexible recording modes enables users greater recording choices than other USB mics, and its ability to work with iOS, OS X and Windows, sets it ahead of a lot of the competition. One nice feature is its integrated 950 mAh battery that enables around 3hours recording time on iOS devices that cannot power the microphone via USB in the same way that a laptop would. There is an on-board headphone amplifier that can be used with your studio headphones for zero latency direct and minimum latency tape return monitoring while recording; and the microphone features variable high-pass filters and gain monitoring to ensure you are not clipping.

Off Pitch: If you are only planning to record vocals, it is worth noting that the microphone has a very clean uncoloured sound which, although is good for general purpose use, can sound a bit lacking in character on vocals when compared to other mics more designed specifically for this task. Also, the MIDI interface only works as an input and cannot operate as an output.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Lewitt’s DTG 650 is a well thought out device that could provide a very useful tool for musicians who are on the move a lot, or like to record their music on an iPad. Although the microphone may not perform quite as well as some of their higher-end microphones combined with a separate pre-amp and interface; it is hard not to be impressed with all the features that Lewitt have managed to cram into the DTG 650. If you’re looking for an all in one recording solution that fits into your laptop case, then it is definitely worth trying out.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.lewitt-audio.com/DGT-Series/DGT-650

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