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Review: Lewitt LCT 440 Pure

Lewitt LCT 440 Pure

An entry level studio condenser offering exceptional performance and honest sound.

Item: Lewitt LCT440 Pure
Price: $269 (US), £269 (UK)
Mic Rating: 5/5


Lewitt are a company who haven’t been around too long, only 7 years in fact. Within that time, however, they’ve made a lot of noise in the studio recording world, and they’ve sent us one of their new mics – the LCT440 pure, so we can find out what they’re all about.

At a Glance

Inside the box, the LCT 440 pure comes with a case, a fairly sturdy shock mount, and an ingenious little pop filter, as well as a Lewitt LCT 440 Pure with shockmountwindshield for outdoor recording. The mic screws into the shock mount, and the pop filter magnetises on top. This keeps the whole set up having a small footprint, ideal for recording in tight spaces.

The LCT 440 pure itself feels like a really solid, well built mic. It’s finished in mate black, and it looks very stylish. The Lewitt logo is on the front of the microphone, and I half expected it to light up when it was plugged in and powered! Sadly, it doesn’t, but that’s one of very few downsides about this mic.

How Does it Sound?

The mic itself is a single pattern condenser, which picks up sound in a cardioid (heart) shape, from the front of the mic. To be completely honest, I think it sounds absolutely phenomenal. It’s definitely the best sub $300 mic I’ve ever heard, and it’s done a brilliant job on everything I’ve tested it on.

On vocals in particular, the sound is warm and honest, and the top end is clear and detailed. It doesn’t sound thin or brittle either, like some budget vocal mics on the market.

I think what’s really great about this mic, is the lack of bells and whistles. It’s all about just getting a great sound, without any complications. It’s easy for everyone to use – literally just plug in and go, and it always sounds great!

Here’s a video from Lewitt about the LCT 440 pure, detailing the intentions of the mic.

In Summary

I think overall it’s an absolute no brainer. The LCT440 is a brilliant mic, and it’s incredible value for money. If you’re looking for a solid, all round, easy to use condenser, look no further.

Manufacturer’s website: Lewitt Audio


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