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Review: The Line6 Wireless Mic

Type: Hand Held Wireless Mic

Item: Line6 XD-V70

Price: $499 (US); £429 (UK)

Mic Scale:

At A Glance: Thinking of going wireless with your microphone and giving yourself more freedom on stage? Line6’s XD-V70 is a hand-held wireless microphone and receiver which boasts an impressive working range and excellent resistance to interference from other electrical devices. It also makes use of their expertise in guitar amplifier modelling to include a range of seven popular microphone models all within the one unit; enabling you to pick the one that best suits your voice.

High Notes: The XD-V70 appears to be solidly built and comes with a padded case so not to get damaged in transit. Line6’s XD series microphones work in the 2.4GHz band, meaning no licence is required for its use. By using these frequencies (more typically taken up by WiFi routers), the v70 avoids interference from TV Stations and cell phone towers, as well as being future compatible (especially in the UK where the commonly used channel 69 frequency is being moved in 2012). One of the XD-V70’s more unique features is that it boasts of emulating seven different microphone models (these includes popular mic’s such as Shure’s SM and Beta 58, and Senheiser’s e835). This gives singers the ability to chose a sound that best suits them instead of just having one sound that hopes to work for all.

Off Pitch: Although the range of microphone models is a welcome addition and adds some tonal variance, it is a shame that Line6 has chosen to model several similar microphones and not add a few more creative choices such as a harmonica microphone. Also, vocalists should be warned that even though the models sound good, they are not quite exact replicas of the original microphones that they model.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Line6’s XD-V70 is an excellent addition to their ever increasing product line. It has impressive sound quality and can work up to a range of 100m on one of 12 channels, meaning that 12 different microphones can be used at once. The differences between the microphone models are subtle but different enough to make the microphone suit a wide range of singers (and if you still can’t find one you like, the unit accepts capsules from Shure, Heil and Audix). You get around 8 hours of battery life out of 2 AA batteries and it sensibly has a battery level indicator so you won’t have any surprises on stage. Line6 is relatively new to making wireless systems and faces stiff competition from many of the excellent wireless systems from more established brands. However, if you are in the market for a new wireless microphone system it is definitely worth considering.

Note: Budget conscious singers will want to consider the XD-V30 from Line6; which has only one model and a more limited range than the V70, but is considerably cheaper.

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