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Review: Masterwriter’s Lyric Writing Software

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Type: Lyric Writing Software

Item: Masterwriter 2

US: $199.00
UK: £136 (approx.)

Note: this tool can also be purchased as a yearly or monthly licence. You can download a demo version and try out Masterwriter 2 for free for ten days.

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At a Glance: Masterwriter 2 is a collection of software tools for lyricists and poets that claims to help you “unlock all the English language has to offer and express yourself in a more unique and meaningful way”.

High Notes: Masterwriter contains a massive database of rhymes, phrases, and word information, that aims to aid lyric writing and help you get past writers-block. Its phrase feature sets it apart from just a simple rhyming dictionary, allowing you find phrases taken from a wide range of literary sources that rhyme or are related with your previous lines. It also has a section for organising your song collections and notes, which can be very useful for prolific songwriters.

Off Pitch: Although the software is well designed and contains many useful tools, some may find that writing songs entirely on a computer does not have quite the same inspiring atmosphere as sitting at a piano with a pen and paper. Also, some may find the very thought of using a computer program that could potentially write half of your lyrics for you, goes entirely against the notion of song-writing being art.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Now in its second incarnation, Masterwriter offers an impressive set of tools for songwriters and poets. If you find that writing lyrics rapidly on a computer suits your work-style, then Masterwriter will no doubt become an invaluable piece of software for you. On the other hand, if you like to find inspiration sitting in the sunshine, strumming an acoustic guitar, you may still find the some of the software’s features useful – in particular its ability to catalogue and keep all your finished songs safe together (as long as you remember to keep a backup file!).

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  • Fastplans

    It’s just not worth it!
    Let me list some negatives.1. cost  = $199  even with a discount you are paying way too much, for the value you receive.2. limited to 2 installs.  this is a real pain.  if your computer crashes you will have to call the support even if you have your cd’s3. awkward to use.
    I purchased mine in 07 and I used it off and on (mostly not).  I just called support and i have to buy an upgrade to load. (“because they dont support this version anymore”).  I didnt get my moneys worth the first time, so im not going down that road again.
    Free Rhyming dictionaryhttp://www.rhymezone.comhttp://www.rhymer.com
    Free writing lyrics and chords
    (this is far better than what Writer gives you.  you can put your chords with the lyrics and the chords move above the line of words.  you can also transpose the whole song to a different key.  very useful)http://praisebase.comStore your chord charts, lyrics, midi and MP3
    Free Drumshttp://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/download.shtml
    Free Recordinghttp://audacity.sourceforge.net/
    spend your money on the things you need – NOT THIS!

  • Jocelynscofield

    I love the idea of Masterwriter.  I NEED an organized place to keep all of my song ideas. Where Masterwriter falls short is in the technical part.  Years ago, I bought Version 1, now I have Version 2.  In the five years I’ve had the program, I have had to reinstall every 6 months or so because of script errors and operating system issues.  With the latest version, they fixed back up issues.  You used to have to backup each song individually…if you have 200 to 500 songs, this is a HUGE pain.  It’s easier now, but still not completely dependable.  Also in the last few years, the company has switched servers, switched tech teams, seems to be constantly reorganizing.  I do love Masterwriter, but I continue to use it because there really is no alternative.

  • MusicPro

    An alternative that is not only better than Masterwriter but a lot more affordable is the Rhyme Genie / TuneSmith combo.