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Review: Midomi iPhone App.

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Type: iTunes software

Item: Midomi iPhone App
US $4.99
GB £4.00

Mic Scale

At a Glance: This iPhone App lets users search for song titles and artist information in four different ways: singing, saying, typing or playing a request. While the input quality may vary depending on ambient noise, singing or holding the iPhone up to a speaker rarely fails to get a result. Once you’ve found your song, you can share it with friends, watch it online, or buy it from the iTunes store. You can also browse artist photos, albums, and biographies.

High Notes: Midomi is an impressive application which is thoughtfully designed and may just keep you from suffering bouts of insanity while at the mercy of some half-remembered tune.

Off Pitch: Some reviewers resented the fact that although this is a premium application, it flashes banner ads on the results page – perfectly acceptable in freeware but not in an app that costs more than the price of a latte.

More: “Midomi is everything you could want with a song grabbing app, and more. While its competitor Shazam works nicely, it (Shazam) does not offer the humming or typing option to grab a song. The variety of ways to grab songs makes this app a one stop shop.” (Justin Mellor)

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  • ujiya

    It's actually a pretty kewl lil' app. A buddy was over this weekend and had this on his phone and we couldn't fool it!!! We ended up making a game out of it with all who attended.