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Review: Music Stand Mic Mount, MSMM350

Can this clip replace a traditional mic stand for some singers?

Item: Music Stand Microphone Mount, MSMM350

Price: $19.95

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Music Stand Microphone Mount, MSMM350 allows you to attach your vocal microphone to your music stand – meaning you have one less stand to take with you. Its 5/8” screw can be used with a standard microphone boom arm or gooseneck to hold your mic and it is designed to fit securely onto the majority of music stands. As well as being designed for singers (and especially singers who also play keyboards), it can also work well for instrumentalists such as saxophone and clarinet players.

High Notes: The MSMM350 is very solidly built and clips securely to a music stand in a matter of seconds. Its ability with a range of boom arms and goosenecks allows the MSMM350 to be versatile and work in a range of situations. It features a thumb screw, so you do not need any special tools to attach it and there is also an intergraded Velcro tie to keep your lead tidy.

Off Pitch: The package does not include a gooseneck or boom arm, which is required for its operation and effectively adds to the cost of the unit. You will also need to have a fairly sturdy music stand to use it with due to the additional weight of your microphone and boom stand.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: When testing the MSMM350 I wondered if I might be able to use it to clip a mic to other things than just a music stand (such as a keyboard stand), however the design of the unit is such that attaching it to anything else wider than a music stand is not possible. Although the Music Stand Microphone Mount is a fairly unique concept, it does face competition from music stand mounts that attach to your mic stand. Overall, the MSMM350 does exactly what it is intended to do and, if you are looking for a way to attach your microphone to your music stand, it offers a relatively inexpensive and flexible solution.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.musicstandmicrophonemount.com

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