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Review: musicnotes.com

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Type: Online Sheet Music Seller

Item: www.musicnotes.com

US $4 – $6

Mic Scale

At a Glance: Musicnotes.com is an online sheet music store that allows you to download your sheet music the instant you’ve paid for it. You will need specific software on your computer to preview the scores, but it’s free to download—and then you’re able to select from literally thousands of music scores.

High Notes: The musicnotes player software enables you to transpose keys, change the tempo, or learn one part of the song at a time.

Off Pitch: Although it may well be one of the quickest ways to buy your sheet music, chances are it’s not the cheapest.

A Singer Says: “As a vocal teacher and performer, I find this incredibly convenient. My favorite part of this site is that you can transpose the scores to the key of your preference!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! ”- KA from Canada.

More: Each month, musicnotes offers one song for free download from their catalogue of nearly 110,000 sheet music titles.


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  • BB

    Not available for MAC users!!!!!!

  • Jamie-Lee

    TERRIBLE TERRIBLE website for sheet music!!! Yes, the music you cant find is all there (in a basic arrangement) but then they only give you the opportunity to print the score off once. And only ONCE!!!! Even when youve paid for download etc, if you experience printer or technical difficulties with your PC etc….. TUFF LUCK you wont be able to get the download from them again. Such a rip off. Especially when theres so many other good websites. Ive realised, going into a music store and even waiting for the hardcopy of the sheet you need to be ordered and delivered is worth much more stress and fortune, than pissing about with musicnotes.com!!!!

  • spacegeek

    Jamie-Lee is correct.  This website is a ripoff!  I bought 3 of the Guru-Sessions files.  They did not deliver the goods.  I complained to them, and they have NOT PROVIDED THE FILES PURCHASED!!!!  Save your money and go elswhere.  You will get better odds of receiving something for your investment in Vegas or Atlantic City.

  • Cddj

    I agree with the two comments below. I ordered sheet music by mail through them, and they shipped it to the wrong address. They refused to send me new copies even though THEY shipped it incorrectly. Finally, a month later, after the package was returned, they said they would ship it to me if I pay additional fees. This website has ABSOLUTELY no customer service and they couldn’t care less about the people who buy the music.

  • LydiaS

    They failed to mention that the part was a simplified version, not the gershwin arrangement it said on the product description.  Also, it was a piano duet (4 hands one piano) and only the top part was issued.  I won’t be using the site again.

  • Gsumc1

    Avoid them like the plague.  Badly managed.  Misinformation.  Their site SAYS you can go back and reprint the music from your account.  You can NOT.   Go anywhere else!

  • madatmusic

    can’t get the music you paid for and won’t work if you want to print elsewhere…….SCAM

  • Pianoplayer

    I see these are all old reviews, so here’s a current one. I bought 4 different songs in the last few days. Ease of finding and buying the songs was great. I had printing problems with two of them, but I notified customer service and they immediately, within an hour or so enabled me to reprint them. One just wouldn’t print one of the pages, no matter what I tried, so they credited my card for that one. Overall, I’m disappointed to have printing issues with half of my purchases, but their customer service is top notch.