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Review: Musicopoulos Vocal Warm Up App

Need some help warming up your voice before a gig? This app could be the answer

Item: Musicopoulos Vocal Warm Up App

Price: US $4.99 UK £2.99

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At a Glance: Vocal Warm Up is an app for iPhone and iPad that claims to be the perfect application to prepare your voice for singing. It offers a range of singing exercises that are intended to prepare your voice for a performance. There are different exercise routines depending on how much time you have and even a cool down routine to use after your performance.

High Notes: Musicopoulos’s Vocal Warm Up allows users to define a custom singing range to tailor the exercises to their voice. The interface is clear and sensibly laid out, and you can slow down and pause the exercises to help you learn them. Although the software comes with a useful range of preset exercise routines, users can also create custom warm-up routines by combining any number of the exercises in any order. Each individual exercise comes with a written description and video of how to perform it, and there is a useful help section that explains clearly how to get the best out of the app. The app primarily focuses on traditional warm-up techniques including scales, arpeggios, trills and sirening, however there is plenty of variety within the excercies for singers performing in more contemporary styles to find something of use too.

Off Pitch: No Android or Windows support. Also, although the software contains some great warm-ups it can’t offer you the same feedback and guidance a good singing teacher could.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos is well designed software that will, no doubt, appeal to many singers and public speakers. It is simple to use and contains enough variety to prove useful to most types of singers. On the other hand, if there is a problem with your singing technique then no amount of vocal warm up exercises could match the input of a qualified singing teacher. However, when combined with a correct singing technique, the app is a useful and powerful tool for singers – shame it’s only currently available for Apple devices.

Official Website:  http://www.singinglink.com

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