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Review: Neumann’s U87 Microphone

Review of Reviews: Neumann’s U87 Microphone
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Type: Multi-Directional Condenser Microphone

Item: Neumann U87 Microphone

US $3399.00 – $5298.00
UK £1749.00 – £1949.00

Mic Scale (5 mics)

Note: The “anniversary edition” of this mic (now out of stock with the usual suppliers) is basically the same product as the normal U87 without the funky packaging.

At a Glance: Though it’s known as one of the all-time classic vocal microphones, the U87 has been famously used to record every single instrument you can think of. Extremely versatile, just about every professional studio in the world keeps at least one U87 in stock.

High Notes: Giving you an exceptional level of clarity, the U87 has its own distinct sonic signature, providing a deep, rich, pleasant tone to anything you record.

Off Pitch: It seems that the only complaint is about the price, which for a product that everyone raves about, doesn’t really seem to be a fair criticism. Quality costs, right? If you’re looking for a less expensive recording mic, look at our review for the M-Audio Sputnik

More: “Most recordings can be handled nicely by many modern microphones but I have not yet worked with any microphone that even comes close to the sonic marvel that is the U87” Griz, Montana

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  • Both the review and the “other reviews” are not credible. Who wrote the cover review? We don't know. The 5 (well 4 since one is a link to Neumann) could have been written by chimps. They are superficial and look like the writer's read the brochure and re-wrote it. The pan on price is telling: the reviewers are copying and amateur. There are plenty of real reviews of this mic by credible magazines or users. Resorting to “filler” content doesn't reflect well on your site.

  • Legenden

    Stephen: My guess is you don’t, for some reason, like the u87. It’s really one of the absolutely best recording mics out there, and i almost tried them all. It’s simply amazing, not many mics come even close.

    Now, as far as the level of validness of the reviews i don’t know. Just looked like you didn’t like the mic based on your input here.

  • ido1957

    I have the M-Audio Sputnik and the U87ai. These are not in the same league. If you see a review saying the Sputnik is like any Neumann, take it with a large grain of salt.

  • Dennis Barrington

    I love how it isn’t sibilant and with a 1073 and 2A goes in just about mix-ready. Amazing microphone after many years of trying others. As to quality/price: A U87 grill is 3-ply mesh, electro-welded, and soldered to it’s mount. A typical clone in the <1k range is 1-ply mesh glued to the mount. You get what you pay for with THIS mic at every level of it's construction.