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Review: Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

NovelTech   Can this simple plug-in make your vocals sound great?

Item: Noveltech Vocal Enhancer, Studio Computer Plug-In

Price: $199 (Download)

Mic Rating: 3.5/5micrating_03.5

At a Glance: Vocal Enhancer by Noveltech is a computer plug-in that is designed to give your vocal recordings an increased clarity and crispness without creating unwanted sonic side effects. Unlike a traditional EQ, Vocal Enhancer features Noveltech’s “Intelligent Adaptive Filtering” which automatically boosts your recording’s “desired” characteristics dynamically, instead of statically boosting certain frequency areas like an EQ. The frequency range it works on can be manually adjusted and the plug-in constantly adapts to the source material to help the processing results remain more neutral. It is compatible with most common DAW software and will run on both Windows and Apple computers.

High Notes: The plug-in has an easy-to use-interface and several presets to help get you started. It starts working to improve your vocal sound from the moment you load it onto your track and, with a bit of adjustment, it is capable of producing results in no time at all. As well as enhancing the a cappella sound of your vocals, the processing also helps them to cut through in a mix; meaning you will usually need to add less additional compression to keep your vocals in the foreground.

Off Pitch: Although Vocal Enhancer is a useful tool you will, in most cases, still need additional processing to get a great vocal sound. It is also possibly more useful to singers working in pop and rock genres than in acoustic music as it can make vocals sound overly forward in a warm mix. Also, if not used subtly, it is quite easy to overdo the processing and make your vocals sound unnaturally bright.

Audio Demo:

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Noveltech’s Vocal Enhancer is a unique plug-in that is capable of impressive results that are different to what you can do with a traditional EQ. It is very capable of making vocals cut through in a dense mix; however it is also worth noting that the Vocal Enhancer only enhances frequencies above 1kHz, so you will still need to use a traditional EQ to make any adjustments to the lower frequencies of your recordings. Although it is primarily designed for vocals, the plug-in can also work well on other instruments such as acoustic guitar or drum overheads. If you are curious about what Vocal Enhancer can do to your vocals, a demo is available from Noveltech’s website.

Manufacture’s Website: http://www.noveltechaudio.com 

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