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Review: Peavey P2 Vertical Array PA System

Does Peavey’s first portable line array PA system have what it takes to take on the competition?

Item: Peavey P2 Vertical Array PA System
Price: $899 (US), £749 (UK) – Price is per speaker
Our Rating: 3/5

At A Glance: Peavey’s P2 is a powered line-array style system designed to provide wide audience coverage in a compact package. The system comprises of a 12-inch bass speaker and eight 4-inch mid/high drivers that connect to the top of the subwoofer. It has three inputs – one mic/hi-Z; two stereo line-in – with each channel having independent level controls. There is also an output to connect to a second system or an active floor monitor.

High Notes: The system offers a decent amount of volume with wide dispersion around a room. It has a full frequency sound, however there are additional controls for treble and bass to help tune the overall sound of the system (including a high frequency boost designed for vocals). One advantage of the column design used in the P2 is that it is more resistant to feedback than traditional 2-way speakers – so you may find you can use the system behind you and not need a monitor speaker. The design also helps to minimise the volume drop-off of the system over distances, so you do not need to deafen the people at the front so that the people at the back can hear you. The top section of the array, splits into two parts, making it easier to transport, and there are thumb screws to help keep them securely in place when you are using them.

Off Pitch: There are channel EQ’s or effects like you find on some other systems. Also, by only having one mic/hi-z input and not two, singer-guitarists will need a separate mixing desk to connect an acoustic guitar and a mic (although this would also be advisable to help with the lack of EQ and reverb). In comparison to some other similar systems, the connecting poles between the speakers feel a little bit flimsy – although they should be fine if you’re not too heavy handed with it.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The P2 is well designed for smaller gigs or for public speaking where you want a simple setup that has minimal visual impact and a good tonal balance. It isn’t the most powerful system (250w peak / 125w continuous), nor the loudest; however because it doesn’t suffer from as big a volume drop off over distance as me other systems, it is still capable of filling a small to medium sized venues with a clear and full sound. Some users will wish there were two mic/guitar inputs like on some competitors similar systems, or perhaps some reverb, so that solo acts (ie singer guitarists) do not need to bring a mixing desk with them. There are many similar designed systems on the market – several of which offer more power and a wider dispersion – however the P2 does produce a nice sound and is worth auditioning if you’re in the market for a new PA system for smaller gigs.

Manufacturer’s Website: https://peavey.com

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