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Review: Perfect Intonation

Type:Vocal Training Software

Item:Perfect Intonation

Price: US $84.95, approx. 55.00 GBP

Note: A free demo is available from the manufacturer’s website; you can try before you buy.

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At a Glance: Perfect Intonation by Provectis is a piece of software for PC and Mac, designed to help singers practice hitting the right notes. It aims to analyse your singing, giving you feedback on how in tune you were, which the creators claim will let you “learn to sing target notes and songs faster and with greater accuracy”.

High Notes: The software should work simply on most computers and with any microphone. It has a range of pre-programmed exercises such as scales and arpeggios to practice along with as well as a free mode where you can sing anything you want into the software for analysis. After completing an exercise, the software lets you listen back to yourself and individually displays all the notes you have sung with information as to how accurate you were.

Off Pitch: In practice the software is too generous when saying which notes are “perfect”. Documentation is online only, which could be a problem for singing teachers wanting to take the software on the road with them on a laptop and then need to check the manual. Currently there are several bugs in the software too, which make the software much less useful than it should be.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Perfect Intonation is an well-intentioned piece of software with a simple interface; however, it is let down by several major flaws (maybe this will be improved with future versions). Firstly, if you sing the wrong note in tune (this can be best demonstrated doing an arpeggio exercise and just singing the root note throughout) it still says you are singing “perfect”. I also found some errors in the exercises; for example, if you bring up a E-major arpeggio exercise, the score along the bottom has a G natural printed instead of a G-Sharp. And, finally, I feel that the software is way too generous in what it says is in tune – in fact it was quite hard for me to sing notes it said was out of tune. Maybe this will one day prove to be a useful piece of software, however I would strongly recommend waiting until the bugs are fixed before parting with your money.

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  • Jessy

    I’m from the Provectis Music development team; I just wanted to let everyone know that the bugs the reviewer found have been fixed in the latest release of Perfect Intonation. This release is a free upgrade for all current users.