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Review: Presonus AudioBox iTwo, USB/iPad Recording Interface


“This device is great for singing guitarists wanting to record demos at home” – Says Chris Kennedy

Item: Presonus AudioBox iTwo, USB/iPad Recording Interface

Price: $159 (US), £125 (UK)

Mic Rating: 4/5

At A Glance: The PreSonus AudioBox iTwo is a USB audio interface designed for two-channel recording applications. It features two Class A mic/instrument preamps (with phantom power) and 24-bit/96kHz recording quality, so you’re well equipped for stereo recordings, vocal/instrument combinations. It also has a MIDI input for keyboard players and you also get a copy of PreSonus’ Studio One Artist 2 DAW software bundled with the interface that you can use to record and mix your music with if you do not already have any DAW software that you like to use. It is designed to be portable and weighs only 1.35 lbs, so it should not be a problem fitting it in most laptop bags.

High Notes: The USB audio interface is compatible with Mac, PC, and iPad. Its mic preamps sound clean and have enough headroom for most typical vocal and instrumental recordings (you may need more than the 52dB of gain for some ribbon or low-output dynamic mics however). When using with a laptop or desktop computer, the device is powered by the USB bus – meaning no additional power supply is required. Its inputs are able to take either XLR (e.g. for microphones) or TS (e.g. for guitar jack cables) – so you can record your vocals and guitar at the same time without any fuss. There is also an impedance switch to allow you to use the inputs with guitars or line-level devices such as keyboards.

Off Pitch: Although the iTwo can be powered via USB when using a laptop/desktop computer, you will need to use an external power supply if you plan to use it with an iPad, which somewhat limits its portability.

audiobox_ione-itwoVoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: At $159 the iTwo is obviously not a high-end studio device – that said it is still capable of making good quality recordings that would be ample for most home users. If you currently do not have any recording equipment, Presonus also sell the AudioBox iTwo Studio bundle that includes the additional of a microphone, headphones, and an XLR cable at a relatively small extra cost (around $99). Presonus also produce the cheaper iOne interface; however the AudioBox iTwo only costs $30 more and you get two mic preamps instead of the one on the iOne. That, plus the added Mix control function, makes the iTwo exceptional value for money if you are a singer looking to record good quality demos at home.

Manufacturer’s Website: https://www.presonus.com

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