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Review: Primacoustic VoxGuard

This acoustic screen can help remove some of the room sound from your vocal recordings.

Item: Primacoustic VoxGuard
Price: $99 (USA), £79 (UK)
Mic Rating: 4.5/5


At A Glance: Primacoustic’s VoxGuard is an acoustic screen that is designed to reduce the amount of room reflections in your recordings. It is made from light-weight ABS plastic and high-density acoustic foam that combined in a way designed to minimize unwanted bass build-ups that can sometimes occur with other acoustic absorbers. The VoxGuard mounts behind your microphone on a regular stand and can be held in place by the clip, shock mount, or included threaded adapters. As well as for use when recording vocals, you can also use the VoxGuard with instruments, guitar amplifiers or for podcasts.

High Notes: The VoxGuard helps to produce a cleaner and more focused sound if you are recording in a reverberant room. This, in turn, helps with the audibility of articulation of your voice and allows you to have more control when processing the recordings with additional reverb or echo. There is a small window opening in the acoustic panel that allows singers to help keep eye on other musicians or an engineer in the room with them.

Off Pitch: Using an acoustic screen is not as effective as a having properly acoustically treating room, especially in the lower frequencies. There is also some degree of coloration to the sound that is caused when using the VoxGuard; however, it is fairly minimal and in an un-treated room this is likely to be a worthwhile trade-off against the sound of room reflections.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If you are working in a less than ideal room for recording vocals then a device like the VoxGuard can make a noticeable improvement to your recordings. It is simple to use and costs less (and is a more temporary solution) than treating your entire room with acoustic panels. Its performance is ultimately not on the same level as a fully treated vocal booth; however, considering the cost of the device it is definitely worth trying out if you are looking for an easy way to improve your home recordings. You might also want to look at competing products from manufacturers such as sE Electronics and Vicoustic.

Manufacturer’s Website: Primacoustic

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