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Review: Pro Co Sign Off Mic Mute Switch

Need a quick and easy way to mute your vocal mic on stage?

Item: Pro Co Sign Off, Latching Mic Mute Switch
Price: US $78, UK NA
Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Pro Co Sign Off is a mic-mute footswitch for use onstage. It features a latching switch so that, when stepped on once, the mic turns off and stays off, and when you press it again the mic comes back on. The device can be used with condenser or dynamic mics and is designed to be positioned inline between the mic and the mixing desk. It has an XLR input and XLR output, and requires no batteries to operate; giving you one less thing to worry about on stage.

High Notes: The Sign Off is designed so that there is no noise or pop when your microphone is turned on and off. It is sturdily built to withstand years of live use and a non-latching version is also available. The device is perfect for singers who also play an instrument like guitar or drums and have no free hands to operate the switch on their mic whilst performing. It could be especially useful if you use live looping of both guitar and vocals, and you want to momentarily turn off your mic to ensure your looper gets a clean guitar signal before starting your vocal loops.

Off Pitch: Some sound technicians may despair at the thought of the singer having an on/off switch for their mic on stage that they have no control over. Also, there is no LED indicator to let you know whether or not the device is in mute mode or not, which could easily cause problems on stage. There is, however, an active version available with a light ($132) to solve this problem.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: As well as the uses previously mentioned, the Sign Off could also be useful for a variety of other reasons, such as if you are doing voice over work and you need to cough, or for use as a panic switch if you are experiencing feedback on stage and do not have a sound technician to quickly mute your mic. For alternatives you may also want to check out the Radial Hotshot DM1, Whirlwind MicMute or Rolls MS111 (which costs almost half that of the Sign Off and can be configured to be latching or non-latching).

Manufacturers Website: http://www.procosound.com

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