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Review: PureSolo

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Type:A UK Karaoke style application/website


Price: The recording software is free; downloads are charged from 99p to £4.99

Mic Scale – Unrated (see below)

At a Glance: PureSolo allows musicians and singers of all levels to record themselves performing. The website has over 18 000 backing tracks of popular songs to download. By using the free recording software you can sing along with or play an instrument over your chosen track and record your efforts.

High Notes: Once you’ve recorded a track, you can send it to someone as a ringtone, save it as MP3, share it online with friends across your social networks, email to contacts or burn to CD.

Off Pitch: We haven’t been able to find any critical reviews of this recent app.; if you use PureSolo, leave your comments at the close of this article.

More: The guitar tab allows you to see guitar and bass tabs on-screen and record yourself over the guitar backing track. They also have an ever-expanding library of online sheet music and plenty for classical musicians to record.

PureSolo Website

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  • Big Swifty

    I discovered the Puresolo site by accident and found it very easy to use and made some pretty hi quality recordings – if I say so myself ;-)
    Seriously, tons of tunes and lots of fun. As a guitarist I Particuyarly liked the tab versions so I could play aswell as sing.

  • Cs16 Jewelora

    wow,very fun ,thanks