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Review: QK-2 Quik-Release Mic Adapter

Need to quickly swap mics in the studio or on stage?

Item: On-Stage Stands QK-2 Quik-Release Mic Adapter

Price: $10.95 (USA)

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The On-Stage Stands QK-2 enables quick switching of microphones on microphone stands on stage and in the studio. It is constructed in 2 parts: one part screws on to the microphone stand and remains in place there; the other part screws into the mic’s clip or shock-mount. These two parts can then be quickly attached together to install the microphone on the stand. There is even a quick-release button to separate them in order to swap microphones.

High Notes: The whole process of swapping mics with the system is extremely easy and takes a matter of seconds. It could be particularly useful if you have a vintage-style vocal microphone that screws directly onto a stand instead of using a clip. The system could also be used to quickly setup near-field vocal monitors that mount onto mic stands at gigs. The QK-2 is solidly built using brass materials and is available with both a black or silver finish to match your microphone stand.

Off Pitch: This QK-2 is currently only available to purchase from the USA. You will also need to purchase a complete 2-part system for every microphone you might to quickly swap around as they need to be pre-installed on every stand and mic in advance.

A Voice Council Reviewer Says: By equipping all your mics and stands with these adapters you will be able to change any mic on any stand in a second. On the other hand, you may still need to think about how best to use the system with wired microphones, especially if you want to quickly swap over lead vocal mics at a gig and your singers do not use wireless systems. It could also be an issue in the studio if, for example, you only have one quality microphone preamp that you want to use on your vocal microphone. Although you’ll be able to quickly swap the mics on the stand, you’ll still have to manually swap the XLR cables over. Overall, the On-Stage Stands QK-2 is a well-designed system.

For alternatives you may also want to look at the Hercules Stands Quik-N-EZ Microphone Adapter

Website: http://www.onstagestands.com 

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