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Review: RAT’s Jazz Stand

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Type:Music stand

Item:R.A.T. Jazz stand with black stem

Price:US $144.00, UK £59.30 – £83.72

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At a Glance: The nifty design takes you from flat pack to standing in just three moves. There are no fiddly knobs or finger traps because this stand uses friction joints to hold it exactly where you want it.

High Notes: This is a professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability, and a full-size music tray with pencil shelf.

Off Pitch: It is certainly not cheap but most purchasers felt it well worth paying extra for the quality and innovative design.

A Musician Says: “I’ve been looking for a decent music stand for years, as the foldable metal ones at home drive me crazy – they either come loose at the screws or wobble with the slightest breath. Well, this funky plastic/metal Jazz Stand has no screws, never wobbles and is built solid as a rock. AND it folds to the size of the backing board itself!” -Ian Tan

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