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Review: Roland Mobile Cube

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Type: Portable PA

Item: Roland Mobile Cube

Price: US $159.00 – $169.00, UK £102.56 – £119.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: The Roland Mobile Cube is an ultra-small portable PA-system that can run on 6 AA batteries and be easily transported wherever you need it. Its stereo amplifier powers two 2.5 Watt speakers and provides simultaneous inputs for microphone, guitar or keyboard and aux-in for connecting a MP3 player.

High Notes: The Mobile Cube is very easy to carry around and runs on batteries for up to 15 hours (or can be powered by an AC adaptor). It has built in chorus, delay and reverb effects, as well as a basic EQ for shaping your tone. The unit also includes a centre cancel button which, when you plug in your mp3 player, takes out any sounds panned down the middle (i.e. the vocals) leaving you (in theory) with a vocal-less backing track to sing along to. The Mobile Cube also includes a selection of guitar amp simulation tones enabling you to plug your electric guitar straight in and play.

Off Pitch: Battery life on the unit is reduced at higher volumes, with some users claiming only to get around 3 hours if run at its maximum level. Also, if you run the Mobile Cube too loud, instead of just distorting like most systems do, it cuts out and goes silent if a peak suddenly gets too much for it. Finally, when you are using both the microphone and an instrument inputs, you are stuck with having to use the same reverb/delay on both.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Its impressive volume for its size combined with simple operation and effects makes the Mobile Cube perfect for those who want cheap and space saving setup for practicing at home or for going busking. The onboard effects are reasonable enough and singers without instruments will find the centre cut function very useful for creating instant backing tracks to sing along to. If you need more volume than the Mobile Cube can provide (bear in mind it is a small device with only a 5Watt output) you might want to look at the Roland Street Cube or the Crate TX15 Taxi.

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  • Jbosk

    The voice cancel button, does not ‘cancel’ anything…….but me buying the unit!!

  • Ericlittleguytrailers

    Best one I can find, having tough time though at gigs.. it cuts out. The Mic is LOUD, the Electric Guitar is LOUD, the MP3 is LOUD, my acoustic is down to 1/4 volume and cuts out midway through any song…
    Any technical repair bulletins out there from Roland… I’m not willing to give it up!

  • Chris

    you could perhaps try using a limiter before the acoustic guitar input on the cube (a battery powered limiter guitar pedal for example should do the trick). the cube is designed to cut out if you overload the amp on it, so it’s probably the spikes in the signal from the acoustic that are causing the problem and a limiter should help to reduce them. might help your problem.

  • Kocouriki

     It does it even on electric guitar, and not even full volume. definitelly no go for me, unless the limiter works.

  • Chris

    You could maybe try the Roland Street Cube otherwise as it has a more powerful amp and speaker

  • Rjpc

    RJPC in Grand Junction, CO will fix the volume cutting out issue for $100.00 which includes return shipping.

  • cheray

    I bought one recently. The batteries carked it in less than an hour. Put in fresh batteries, busked on a street corner at high volume as no one could hear me not even me, and the bloody thing just died on me after a couple of songs. I hate it and want to throw it in the river.