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Review: sE Electroinics V7, Dynamic Stage Microphone

How does this new dynamic stage mic stand up to the competition?

Item: sE Electroinics V7, Dynamic Stage Microphone
Price: $99 (US), £57 (UK)
Mic Rating: 4.5/5

At A Glance: sE Electronics’ V7 is a dynamic stage mic designed for use on vocals, instruments, and guitar cabs. The microphone is designed with an all metal housing and a “dent proof” steel mesh grille to make it withstand years of use (and abuse) on stage. It features a super-cardioid polar pattern that gives it good feedback resistance on stage as well as helping reduce the spill from other instruments being picked up. The mics integrated shock mount gives the V7 exceptionally low handling noise and its internal windscreen is effective and reducing unwanted plosive pops.

High Notes: The V7’s sound is solid and slightly forward, with small boosts around 3.5kHz and 10kHz that help vocals cut through over the instrumentation. Also, although there is some bass boost from the proximity effect when you get really close to the mic, this is some-what mitigated with a gentle low-frequency roll off that is designed to stop things getting too boomy. The V7’s sound is largely neutral (more so than their cheaper V3 mic), so it should suit a wide range of different voices and, weighing around the same as a SM58, it feels comfortable to hold on stage.

Off Pitch: The red windscreen design may not appeal to all singers – however sE have sensibly included a spare black windscreen with each mic so that you can change It if this is an issue for you.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: sE Electronics are better known for their studio microphones and the V7 and (and V3) is their first entry into the very crowded market of sub-$99 stage mics. As such it faces stiff competition from manufacturers with a proven track-record of making top quality stage mics such as Shure, Sennhesier, AKG and Electro-Voice; just to name a few. As such, sE have made sure that the V7 features as many premium features as possible at its particular price point, and they have even included some more unique ideas such as the bevelled edge around the grille that stop the mic rolling around when it is put onto a flat surface. Overall the V7 is a great mic, however there are also many other great mics that it is competing against.

Manufacturer’s Website: https://www.seelectronics.com/se-microphones/dynamic
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