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Review: sE Electronics H1 v2, Live Vocal Condenser Microphone


sE Electronics have refashioned their popular studio mic for the stage

Item: sE Electronics H1 v2, Live Vocal Condenser Microphone

Price: $249, £99

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The sE Electronics H1 is a hand held live condenser microphone designed as a high-quality performance mic for vocals. It has a smooth sounding condenser capsule that is based on their popular 2200A studio mic that has been re-voiced and tuned specifically to roll off a little more high frequency and take a higher SPL. The microphone has a specialized internal shock mount which gives it low handling noise (similar to that of a dynamic mic), while maintaining the sonic performance of a quality condenser mic to make live performances sound like studio takes.

High Notes: The H1 is now in its second revision and sE Electronics have made a few changes such as a strengthened mesh head and improved looks. The body of the mic has also been covered in a rubberized paint that makes it extremely easy to grip in your hand without fear of dropping. When compared to a typical dynamic microphone, vocals instantly sound clearer and more intelligible. The microphone appears built to withstand years of use and comes with a stand adapter and carry case.

Off Pitch: In a live setting the H1 is noticeably more prone to feedback than a dynamic mic such as the Shure SM58. You will also need to have an interface that has phantom power as the mic won’t work without it.

Audio Demo:

VoiceCouncil Reviwer Says: The sE Electronics H1 is an impressive microphone considering its current street price, which surpasses the quality of much of its similarly priced competition. If you like your vocals to sound honest and true to life it is certainly worth considering. It can also work well in a project studio setting for recording demos and can provide usable results on instruments such as acoustic guitar. One downside to live condenser microphones is that they tend feedback more easily than dynamic microphones, meaning you have to be more careful about speaker placement and may have to turn down your overall system gain a bit; however, if you want a quality vocal sound on stage the H1 is highly recommended.

Manufacturers Website:  http://www.seelectronics.com/target=”_blank”

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