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Review: Sennheiser e835 Live Microphone

Does this budget mic from Sennheiser deliver on stage?

Item: Sennheiser e835 Live Vocal Microphone
Price: $99, £65
Mic Rating:

At A Glance: Sennheiser’s e835 is a hand-held dynamic vocal microphone for use on stage. The microphone is able to handle high sound pressure levels and it is also very effective at rejecting feedback. It features an internal shock-mount for low handling noise and its rugged construction means that it should withstand years of use. It comes shipped with a standard microphone clip and a carry pouch.

High Notes: The microphone has a frequency response that has been tailored for vocals with a presence boost around 5kHz to help you cut through the mix and well defined mids that sounds clear and unmuddied. It has a cardioid pickup pattern to help with isolation on stage and a hum compensating coil to minimise unwanted noise. It connects via a standard XLR cable (not included) and there is a version available with an on/off switch if required.

Off Pitch: There is very little to fault with the microphone at this price, however there are better microphones out there (the Sennheiser e965 for example) if you have the budget.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: As well as being a great choice for lead vocals on stage, the e838 can also produce good results on instruments such as snare and guitar cabinets. It has stiff competition from other microphones such as the excellent AKG D5 as well as the famous Shure SM58; however if you are looking for your first live vocal microphone, the Sennheiser e835 is definitely also worth trying out and comes highly recommended.

Manufacturers Website: http://www.sennheiser.co.uk

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  • J

    I’ve had one of these for a few years now. Rugged as hell and as gig-proof as they come. I have a few more Evolution range mics, and I like them more than the equivalent Shure mics, though the paint will flake with heavy use, and they start to look a bit tatty after a while.

    Sound wise, I’d strongly advise you go along to a shop with a friend with good ears, and test the range on a decent PA with YOUR VOICE. The e835 does not work for me – I get much better results with an e855, and the e845 does not suit me at all. Same set of mics gives very different results with our other singer.

    Don’t get me wrong – this is a great mic, but try before you buy.

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