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Review: SE’s Studio Reflexion Filter

Item: SE Electronics Project Studio Reflexion Filter

Price: US $169.00, UK £99.00

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: Back in 2006, SE Electronics brought out an innovative product called the Reflexion Filter, which was designed to improve the recording quality in your project studio. It was essentially a portable acoustic absorber than could clip on to your mic stand to help remove unwanted room reflections. Following its success, SE Electronics have recently launched the Project Studio Reflexion Filter , which uses the same basic design of their larger device but in a scaled-down package that comes in at around half the price.

High Notes: The filter is lined in a high-density crystal foam with curved ridges which SE Electronics claim performs far better than standard acoustic foam. In use, it cuts down a large proportion of room reflections coming back into the microphone, making your recordings sounds clearer. It is also widely available as a bundle with their X1 microphone, saving you around 25% on the pair.

Off Pitch: As effective as it is, the reflexion filter is no match for a proper vocal booth and if you room is already acoustically treated, you may not find you get that much of an improvement using it. In comparison to the larger version, its ability to reduce off-axis sound pickup is not quite as impressive, however most users will still find it makes a vast improvement to their recordings.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: If, like a lot of people, you find yourself mostly recording your vocals in your home studio, you may find SE Electronics’ Project Studio Reflexion Filter will help you achieve an improved vocal sound with less room coloration. There are several similar products by different manufactures also available, but many seem to use a lower grade of acoustic foam that the SE Electronics equivalent to keep down the cost.

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