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Review: Shazam

Type: Mobile Phone Application

Item: Shazam

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At a Glance: Shazam puts an end to all those frustrating moments when you can’t for the life of you remember a track title, or you want to identify an interesting artist that the DJ has forgotten to name. To put it simply, you hold your mobile phone up to a music source, such as a radio and within 15 seconds, the song name, artist, and album will be displayed on your screen.

High Notes: Shazam works by accessing a database of over 6 million tracks, and finding an exact audio match. This means that there is virtually no room for error when identifying a song, unless there is excessive background noise.

Off Pitch: Some users reported that it doesn’t work as well for non-English language songs and of course you can’t use Shazam to identify live performances or new covers, because they will have different fingerprints to those of the song in the database.

More: Even if Shazam can’t identify 100% of the tracks you throw at it, if you love music it’s still got to be worth a look – it’s free, so you can’t really go wrong.

Leave Your Views: Shazam Encore has just been launched with a ton of new features – if you’ve paid for ($4.99/£2.99) and tried the full version of this premium app, do let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Who could know those days that this app will be such a hit? :D
    And BTW check the app from this site for a review.