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Review: sheetmusicplus .com

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Type: Online Sheet Music Seller

item: sheetmusicplus.com

US $2.99+ Shipping
UK £1.99+ Shipping

Mic Scale

At a Glance: Sheetmusicplus.com claims to stock “the world’s largest selection” of sheet music and currently ships to over 170 countries worldwide. Easily navigated, the site features a truly comprehensive range of music of all styles, for every talent level and for an impressively wide range of instruments and voices.

High Notes: the Customer Service Team is staffed by trained musicians, most with music degrees and all purchases are backed with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”.The “Look Inside” feature on the site lets you view the first couple pages of a given piece of music, which is great so you can see the range and the key it’s in.

Off Pitch: They don’t claim to be the cheapest and the low-cost shipping option is really slow, so be prepared to pay more than $2.99 if you’re after your stuff in a hurry. Also the “Look Inside” feature is not that helpful if you are buying a songbook collection, because you cannot view the first page of every song in the collection.

A Singer Says: “This is an ENORMOUS database that lets you order music from Mozart to Lady Gaga, for vocal solo to orchestra, with excellent search tools and the ability to preview the first couple of pages of many selections…but I like to get my music instantly so I buy a lot of my music from OTHER sites that let me pay, download and print right on the spot!”.

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  • Guest

    Terrible customer service. Almost two months and still no sheet music delivered. Shop elsewhere!

  • gheti

    Do not shop here. There are other sites available. The download/print software is very buggy. It took a while and attempts with different internet browsers just to get it to go. The item description was lacking and I ended up with an unrefundable print of an “easy piano” version of a chart that I was expecting to get an accurate arrangement of. The customer service response did not address my question at all, as though they didn’t even read a word. Worst online shopping experience I’ve ever had.

  • Deirdre

    Terrible experience of receiving an empty parcel, after a six week wait, then nothing but an automated response since – doubt that I will ever receive music I have paid for.

  • Simon

    STAY AWAY!! Toxic webshop!

    First very negative experience with an online shop in years. Ordered expensive sheets via Paypal which never arrived. Tried to contact them multiple times but never got any answer. Resulting in a paypal claim. I hope to get my money back.