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Review: Shure’s PG24/PG58 Hand-Held Wireless Mic

Can Shure’s entry-level wireless microphone system produce great results on stage?

Item: Shure PG24/PG58 Performance Gear Wireless Hand-Held Microphone System

Price: US $299, UK £169

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The Shure PG24/PG58 Performance Gear Wireless Hand-Held Microphone System is a low cost wireless system from Shure. It uses the same capsule as Shure’s PG58 hand held microphone and combines it with a UHF wireless system with switchable channels. The mic is powered by a 9v battery and the wireless system is designed to deliver a clear vocal signal without compromising sound quality.

High Notes: The wireless system works on up to 10 selectable frequencies, enabling multiple microphones to be used simultaneously. It has a good operational range (up to around 75m) and background hiss and noise is minimal. The system is simple to set up and has a transmitter lockout function to prevent accidental shutdown or gain adjustment whilst in use.

Off Pitch: Some users report that battery life is not quite as good as the eight hours stated by Shure and the unit is not directly rechargeable, so you will need to make sure you always carry spare batteries around with you.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Cosidering this is Shure’s entry-level wireless microphone system it does not show any obvious signs of compromising the sound or build quality. The PG58 capsule does a good job or producing good sounding live vocals however, for those wanting better sound quality, Shure also produces versions of the same system based upon their SM58, Beta58 and SM86 microphones (albeit with a higher price tag). If you have been thinking of investing in your first wireless microphone system then the Shure PG24/PG58 Performance Gear Wireless Hand-Held Microphone System is definitely worth checking out.

Manufacturer’s Website: http://www.shure.com

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  • jen.I

    Its about time companies have been bringing down the price of wireless sytems, for far too long the average musician can’t afford  systems at £500  plus for a decent wireless mic, and especially now that the majority of gear is made in China. lets see more companies doing this now that the world is going broke. it would encourage more musicians to buy gear and help the world recession.   

  • Shimelis Kassahun

    is it compatible for 220v AC

  • Iv’e been looking for a new cordless mic so was looking around at some reviews think the Shure PG24/PG58 will do fine for now http://www.soundofmusicmobiledisco.com