Review: Shure’s SCL2 – Sound Isolating Earphones

Item: Shure’s SCL2 – Sound Isolating Earphones

US $60.00 – $99.00
UK £60.00 – £80.00

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At a Glance: Shure’s entry-level earphones claim to offer an excellent introduction into premium audio via sound isolation. They offer a discrete way of hearing yourself on stage whilst also helping to protect your ears from the high sound pressure levels present in many live settings.

High Notes: The SCL2’s come with a range of size attachments to fit most ears and in a choice of clear or black finishes. They enable you to hear a clear monitor mix whilst reducing the ambient sound level, which can also help you to reduce long-term hearing damage from playing gigs. The SCL2’s single dynamic micro-drivers have an decent frequency range with reasonable bass response and it is provided with a neat carrying pouch.

Off Pitch: Several users have complained about the wires being a little fragile and breaking. This is more likely to be a problem if you are not using a wireless system however, and it is also worth noting that the SCL2’s come with a 2 year warranty which offers a full replacement if needed. Some potential customers may also be put off by the cost of a wireless system (a complete system from Shure will cost around $600/£450), as without one your movement onstage will quite limited.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: Considering these are Shure’s entry level earphones, they perform well on stage and provide a greater listening experience than is often possible with wedge monitoring speaker systems. There are several comparative offerings out there, however the SCL2’s cost a little less than most and seem better suited for stage use than many sub-$100 earphones. For improved sound isolation and fuller frequency response, it is worth checking out Shure’s more expensive earphones in the SCL range too.

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