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Review: Shure’s Super 55

This mic will turn heads, but does it have the sound to match? Yes – says Chris Kennedy.

Type: Dynamic Mic

Item: Shure Super 55 Microphone

Price: $224.99 (US), £179.99 (UK)

Mic Scale: 5/5

At A Glance: If you care about your image on stage, but don’t want to sacrifice on sound quality, then the Shure Super 55 could be exactly what you are looking for. Billed as an improvement on their popular 55SH microphone, Shure claims to have enhanced both the sound quality and the feedback rejection whilst keeping the same retro styling which has made Shure’s 55 series microphones so popular over the past 70 years.

High Notes: Compared to its predecessor, the Super 55 has a much-improved vocal sound. This is largely due to its new super-cardioid capsule which, based upon Shure’s hugely popular Beta 58 microphone, offers extended frequency response, allowing vocals to easily cut through on stage. This capsule also gives far better rejection against feedback, which is usually a common problem with retro-styled mics.

Off Pitch: This look of this mic won’t be to everyone’s taste; there are equally good sounding microphones for less money (the very similar sounding Shure Beta 58, for example). Shure are also planning to continue selling its predecessor the 55SH II, which will give you a similar look on stage but at around $50 less. Finally, the Super 55 does not have an on/off switch, which some people may consider an issue.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: With its cool chrome-plated, die-cast zinc body, the Super 55 will turn heads. Combine this with its excellent sound quality and it is sure to give vocalists an extra impact on stage. (If your tastes are more gothic, Shure has also released a limited edition version of the microphone with a black body and red grill.) Overall, if you are looking for some retro style on stage but want to have the sound quality of a modern microphone, Shure’s Super 55 is an excellent microphone that improves on their previous 55 series models and comes highly recommended.

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  • David Todoran

    Do you have an email adress? I’m from Romania. Thanks. David Todoran

  • Brooksiemama

    I’ve got all three of them 10/10 vocal mics..sm58’s for every day use keep the others for special occasions!,

  • wayout

    Buy it because it looks good in the Studio !