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Review: Singing Coach Unlimited

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Type: Learn to Sing Software (Windows 2000/ME/XP Required)

Item: Singing Coach Unlimited

US $32.39 – $99.95
GB £37.13 – £59.99

Mic Scale

At a Glance: This software package is designed to help you to learn how sing in tune and stay in the right pitch. During lessons, the real-time Pitch Tracking Line traces the actual pitch sung and gives the singer visual feedback on the accuracy of each note. The lessons are mainly for beginners, so advanced and professional singers will find this package of little practical use.

High Notes: The Singing Coach software assesses your personal vocal range and then displays songs and exercises appropriate to your range that won’t strain your voice. The “compose mode” also allows you to create and follow your own songs and vocal exercises.

Off Pitch: Many reviewers found the cartoon animations annoying/childish and some users were disappointed with the limited selection of in-built songs— definitely not to everyone’s taste. The microphone headset (included) is flimsy; breakages seem to be a problem. A significant number of reviewers also reported installation and running problems.

More: “As it stands, Singing Coach Unlimited is a brave but ultimately flawed exercise that fails to realise that singing is supposed to be fun. Singing Coach, for the most part, isn’t”

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  • I bought this so I can practice in my home and I am so glad I did. I take lessons from a really good vocal teacher and she recommended I use Singing Coach while I am at home to go along with her lessons. Very cool program and it has been a great help.

  • pfarley10

    I purchased this program 2 yrs ago and was quite happy with it. It is work but the results are worth it. I highly recommend it and still use it now and then. It did make me a good singer and I could not keep a tune before at all. It more than returned the 130 dollars I spent. If you want a toy get it, if you want to learn how to sing in turn buy this program.

  • Canditandy

    This software is GREAT…!
    Honestly, the real-time pitch tracking/grading aspect of this software alone was worth EVERY penny I paid and far surpases EVERYTHING else I’ve ever seen that has tried to do the same!

    I purchased it at a music educators convention a few years ago and used it with individual students until I became sick (with cancer) and had to be out for almost 2 years.

    It was PERFECT for my auditory/visual learners who struggled with pitch matching, as well as some of my students with mild learning disabilities. 
    (the other animated what-nots and explanation sections were a bit in accurate, definitely silly and not suitable for all ages, but It was easy to just skip it and use only what I wanted)
    It was also great for improving sight-reading skills for the beginners because the software shows the NOTATION as they sing.
    The assessment & ability to save each recorded lesson aspects are also unsurpassable by any other program out there!! 

    UNFORTUNATELY…now that I am back and trying to use it again, on my new computer, I am having nothing but problems with the software. I’m guessing that since it doesn’t seem to be available anymore, that there must be updated drivers that are needed.
    If ANYONE knows of a way I can get my hands on an update or a driver that will work, PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSE let me know asap! ;-) Thank YOU!