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Review: StompVox for iPhone

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Type: iPhone App.

Item: StompVox Vocal Effects Application For iPhone / iPodTouch

Price: StompVox can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99 USD.

Mic Scale:

At a Glance: StompVox is a vocal effects application for the iPhone and iPodTouch. Funkily designed to look and feel like effects pedals, or ‘stomp boxes’, StompVox combines a Gate, Looper, Reverb, Echo and Mixer to create a range of real-time vocal effects. Users are recommended to use the in-built iPhone microphone and plug in standard headphones to listen back to their vocals.

High Notes: Stompvox includes 10 factory presets to get you started, showing you what can be done with the app. You can also make your own presets, edit them and email them to other StompVox users. The overall design is visually pleasing and in operation it is easy and fun to use.

Off Pitch: There is a slight latency between singing and hearing the processed sound back. It is not awful, but you will certainly know it is there. Also, by using the onboard microphone on the phone instead of an external microphone, it is quite easy to distort the input stage. Although it is claimed to be a “high-quality (44.1kHz, 16bit) real-time vocal effects application”, the sound quality is slightly more gimmicky than pro-audio.

A VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: StompVox’s programmers claim it creates “a range of fun vocal effects”, which in many ways it does. The sound quality of the effects will hardly be making you throw out your outboard gear, but if you’re after something to play around with for $2, you should not be too disappointed. The looper module may be of use to vocalists wanting to work out harmony parts, however it takes a bit of getting used to and you could essentially do the same thing with any recording device you already own (albeit without the effects).

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