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Review: T.Bone GM 55 Live Microphone

Can this retro-look mic perform in a live setting?

Item: T.Bone GM 55 Live Microphone

Price: UK £33 US NA

Mic Rating:

At A Glance: The T.Bone GM55 is a dynamic microphone designed for singers in a live settting. Referred to by the manufacturer as the “elvis model” because of its classic 50’s styling, it features a cardioid polar pattern, on/off switch and comes with an adaptor to allow it fit on a standard mic stand.

High Notes: On stage the microphone looks great – especially if you are performing classic jazz, blues or rockabilly. The mic has a good resistance to feedback and a broad enough frequency spectrum for typical live vocal use. Its chassis and grill do a good job of stopping any unwanted plosive sounds and, despite its low cost, the build quality is good enough to withstand years of live use.

Low Notes: The mic is not designed for handheld use and it even suffers from fairly bad handling noise even when mounted on a mic stand. Also, the screw that keeps the microphone upright can easily come loose in your gig bag; so it is advisable to carry a screwdriver (although a penny also works ok) with you to stop your mic “drooping” on stage.

A VoiceCouncil Review Says. Considering the low cost of the GM55 it actually performs reasonably well. The sound quality is a little low-fi when compared to other premium stage microphones; however with a bit of EQ it can produce a perfectly good live vocal sound. If you are performing in older music styles where similar looking microphones would have originally been used by the singers, then the T.Bone GM55 can work well; however if you want a more modern, hi-fi vocal sound then you would probably be better off with a higher quality retro-look mic such as Shure’s Super 55 Deluxe or, even better, forget the retro-styling entirely and go for a good quality, modern, hand-held live microphone.

Manufactures Website: http://www.thomann.de

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