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Review: Tannoy Reveal 502 Studio Monitor


These monitors are a great option for your home studio

Item: Tannoy Reveal 502 Studio Monitors

Price: $179 (US), £125 (UK) – Per Speaker

Mic Rating: 4.5/5

At A Glance: Tannoy’s Reveal 502s are studio monitor speakers designed for the home/project studio. Their active design means you do not need an external amplifier to use them and there are various inputs on the back for all of the typical outputs you would find on an audio interface/computer. There is also an “Aux Link” feature that lets you easily plug in a phone or MP3 into your monitors so you can listen to tracks when you are not using them for mixing.   The speakers contain a 75 Watt Bi-Amp module and active crossover filter that power a 5″ low-frequency driver and 1″ soft dome ‘poke resistant’ tweeter.

High Notes: The frequency response of 49Hz – 43 kHz is easily enough for most mixing duties and their front-firing bass port means you can place them near to walls without ruining low-frequency performance. Their crossover-filter-alignment ensures optimal timing between the two drivers enabling the speakers to produce a wide sweet spot so that you can move around in your workspace without losing the stereo imaging of your mix. This is particularly useful if you like to invite others to the studio to hear your mix as everyone sitting in on the session will hear a good quality sound wherever they are sitting. On the back of each speaker there is a +/-1.5 dB high-frequency boost/cut switch to enable you to tailor the tone of the speakers better to your listening environment and personal preferences.

Off Pitch: Background noise from the internal amplifier might be noticeable if you are working very close to the speakers – this is, however, common with active monitors in this price bracket. You will also ideally need an interface with a monitor volume control (or a device such as a TC Level Pilot) when using the speakers, as the volume control knob is on the rear of the speakers.

VoiceCouncil Reviewer Says: The 502s sit in the middle of Tannoy’s new Reveal range that also includes the larger 802 and smaller 402 models. When compared to the larger Reveal 802s, the 502s have a more subtle low end; however if you are working in a small room without acoustic treatment this will most likely be an advantage. They easily produce enough level for all studio sizes and the mid-range clarity is excellent for placing vocals comfortably in a mix. If you are looking for a set of studio monitors to help you mix your music at home, the Tannoy Reveal 502s are a great option.

Manufacturers Website: http://www.tannoystudio.com

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